Fly presents its new collection for 2011/2012

Fly presents its new collection for 2011/2012

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For the start of the school year, Fly offers to make room for cocooning and storage. On the program: a pop universe, a design universe, a nature universe, and first prizes that are always very trendy.

Children's collection

Fly ### Children are not forgotten at Fly! You will therefore find furniture for children directly inspired by that of adults. The decor is fun to please the youngest. It's up to everyone to find their universe rather princess, cowboy or pirate.

Nature inspiration

Fly ### For a soothing interior, use natural materials, solid wood, organic shapes and a palette of neutral colors. The brand is inspired by nature to create a warm and easy-going interior.

Design generation

Fly ### If you prefer design, no problem! Fly also offers furniture to meet your desire for purity and surface. On the material side, the sign uses steel, light legs, white and black to highlight it all.

Design at low prices

Fly ### Finally, at Fly you will find a whole range of very design first prizes! You will find a trendy library at 34.90 euros and ultra-colored chairs at 7.95 euros.