Brighten up the child's room with wall friezes

Brighten up the child's room with wall friezes

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No need to completely repaint your cherub's room to change the decor, with an extra large choice of wall friezes, we set a tone, we assert an atmosphere. Examples in pictures.

Spatial decoration

Mandellia ** Space, planets, the galaxy, the stars: all these little people burst into the room with this mural frieze signed Mandellia. For all toddlers who dream of astronomy and rockets, this is a decorative idea to take to enhance their playground. **

Safari spirit

Mimi'Lou ** African animals, the savannah and its secrets have enough to arouse the interest of young children and to captivate them. No doubt, to brighten up the white walls in the room of a young adventurer, a safari frieze is welcome. **

Mismatched patterns

Dezign ** Small nests of mismatched birds as a frieze, this is a good idea to give movement and rhythm to the walls in the child's room. **

A poetic frieze

Mimi'Lou ** If softness and delicacy are the watchwords in your child's room, here is a wall frieze that should appeal to you. The subtle imprint of Mimi'Lou bathes the space with a cheerful and enchanting note. Let yourself be seduced! **

Traditional childish patterns

4 walls ** Opposite, two examples of traditional wall friezes: straight lines, classic lines, animals which alternate successively. These two wallpaper friezes are perfect for nursery rooms. **


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