Stool: the 10 favorites of the editorial staff

Stool: the 10 favorites of the editorial staff

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To save space in an office, to create a side table in the living room, to play with the mix of seats around the dining table, we adopt without delay a decorative stool. In metal or wood, sober or colorful, with a Scandinavian or design look, there is something for everyone. We have spotted 10 that are sure to inspire you.

A colorful stool

Muuto In an entrance hall that has bet on light wood and beige walls, try a little color with this stool designed by Muuto. We like its green color full of pep and its slightly singular shape which gives a whole new look to your entry. 199 euros

A pop stool

AM PM In a child's bedroom, we dare this stool with a pop foot and a very original seat. Adjustable in height, it can be installed either behind a child's desk or behind that of older children. 39 euros

A colorful industrial stool

3 Suisses The industrial style sees life in color this season as shown by these blue and red metal stools. In the kitchen, they are easily installed around a light wooden table with a contemporary look. 99.99 euros

An hourglass-shaped stool

Maisons du Monde What an original shape for this metal stool that looks like an hourglass. What we like: its red color which gives a touch of pep to a somewhat drab decoration no matter the room. 59.90 euros

Tolix stool

Tolix In its vintage or reissued version, the Tolix stool has not aged in our interiors. In an industrial style living room, in a contemporary teenage bedroom or simply in an entrance hall, you can install it everywhere! 299 euros

A light wooden stool

La Redoute The trend in the dining room is the association of mismatched chairs around the table. In the middle of them think of sliding one or more light wooden stools with a bistro look. 63.19 euros

A waxed concrete imitation stool

Maisons du Monde When not in use, the stool can also be used as a side table. We love this model with a polished concrete look that offers an urban and contemporary style in the living room. When you receive people, it becomes again a small comfortable and practical seat. 59.90 euros

A romantic stool

Pier Import Simply to decorate or for children to sit in the living room, we have thought of this small stool with a fabric seat. With its wooden mini feet, it creates a very romantic atmosphere in any room. 75 euros

A leather stool

Zanotta A real favorite for this leather stool that looks like a horse saddle. Very decorative, it also has a small trunk system in which you can slide remote controls or magazines. 2340 euros