Gardens, Garden: create an above-ground vegetable patch

Gardens, Garden: create an above-ground vegetable patch

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When you have a small garden or balcony, it's hard to imagine having a vegetable garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables. However, today there are some very practical solutions to remedy this space problem. Hanging pots or bags, plastic bins and planting columns allow you to grow cherry tomatoes, strawberries, salads and even potatoes. Here are 7 tips so that city dwellers also have the right to their small vegetable patch.

A hanging bag

Easy to hang on the railing of your balcony, this bag offers you the possibility of planting cherry tomatoes, raspberries or strawberries.

Traditional hanging pots

No need to go far to find clever tricks to save space on your balcony. Use traditional pots to which you add a metal base. All you have to do is hang them on the wall using small hooks!

Office magazine racks

You are not dreaming, it is indeed the feet of strawberry plants that are in its plastic magazine holders and not piles of paper. Stored next to each other on a small piece of furniture, they allow you to save real space!

Burlap bags hanging…

Carrots, cabbage, radishes and rosemary have no trouble growing in its hanging burlap bags. You just have to put one or more wooden planks in the garden or on your balcony to install them.

… Or placed on the ground

Burlap bags can also be used to plant potatoes that require more soil depth. So we put them on the ground for a decor full of charm.

Pallets for a recuperated look

After having been transformed into a seat, a coffee table or even shelves, the pallets invite themselves to the garden in the gardener version. Each of its small alcoves allows you to plant a number of aromatic plants. Convenient when the time comes to prepare the meal!