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Good winter snacks

Good winter snacks

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To warm up and please the children, nothing like a good winter snack. On the program, festive linens, cushions and soft blankets, hot drinks for the whole family, generous cookies, cool decor ideas and cakes to decorate yourself! In short, a pure moment of gluttony, and convivial moreover. Here are the essential ingredients for a winter snack while impatiently awaiting Christmas.

Elegant dishes We love the new dishes made by with its very elegant black and white style. You just have to play the total two-color look on your table or add more festive colors with a red tablecloth, green napkins or golden candle holders for example.

Festive table decoration

Heytens Christmas is coming, so start training for the table decoration as an afternoon snack! Install a ruby ​​red tablecloth, a nice centerpiece and candle jars to create a subdued atmosphere by the fire. For dishes, choose a dry white and golden.

Tassel towels

Blog It's coming soon Christmas Here is a DIY idea easy to reproduce yourself! To give a feminine touch to your snack table, make small woolen pompoms to put on napkins or make napkin rings. Kids will love it! The little extra: the candle in the shape of a tree trunk, perfect in winter. Source: Blog It's almost Christmas

A metal cookie tin

Ikea It is the essential accessory to taste everything in cold weather! To warm up, nothing like a slightly vintage metal cookie tin that is passed from hand to hand. Choose butter or speculoos cakes and give a pledge to whoever dares to eat the last!

Cushions for children

H&M Home So that the little ones are comfortably seated for a snack, sit them on cushions in the shape of animals, the moon or even Santa Claus. Also, don't forget to give them a soft bathrobe and fluffy plaids to warm up in front of a good cartoon.

Coffee for parents!

Ikea If snacking is a moment of relaxation for children, it can be very trying for parents! So that you too have a good time, make a good homemade coffee and invite friends to have a cup at home.

Choose colored glasses Just because winter is here doesn't mean that the dishes should be gloomy, quite the contrary! Give your dishes a facelift with colorful plates, new cutlery and multicolored glasses. At least, everyone will recognize their own without difficulty.

Involve children

Ikea During the afternoons of school holidays or on Sundays when it rains outside, take the opportunity to keep your children occupied at home by offering them to prepare pastries for themselves. Shortbread, madeleines, chocolate cake ... There is no shortage of recipes!

Prepare a Christmas tea

Tokyo Design Studio Christmas tea season is back! Concoct a warm, spicy and comforting drink in a pretty teapot with matching cups and mugs. Do not forget to bring a little cream and milk. Finally, invite a few friends to come and share a cocooning tea time at the show.

Decorate a cake in winter colors

Blog For my two brunettes To amuse young and old, you can make a simple decoration on your cake. For example, sprinkle icing sugar on the pastry to simulate snow and form fir trees and snow sugar figures. You tell me the news ! Source: Blog For my two brunettes

Utensils in winter tones

Alinéa On the tableware side, you can opt for a set in purple, plum or ocher tones, which will go perfectly with a winter decor. Do not forget to put bowls and mugs on the table to serve a good hot chocolate for the children and spice tea or coffee for the parents.

Serve candy and cookies

Ikea Who says winter also says tasting consistent! Let yourself go on sweets, barley sugars and caramels but also on cookies and delicacies. To accompany it all, make hot chocolate and mulled wine to travel to the heart of the Christmas markets from your living room.

Customize tea bags

Blog Le Nuage passe Do you want to impress your guests at tea time? Make your own tea bags in the shape of a cloud using a coffee filter and a small golden star to hang on the end of a wire. You just have to serve small cookies and macaroons on a tray and voila. Source: Blog The cloud is passing

Bet on a traditional decoration

H&M Home A few weeks before Christmas, create a chalet atmosphere in your dining room with a thick tablecloth, fur cushions and knitted blankets. Install crockery in red, white and gold tones and a light garland to count down to December 25.

Personalize desserts

Blog Table Spoon If you want to keep your children busy when it is too cold to play outside, decorate them with cookies in Christmas colors. With a pastry bag, vermicelli and a little creativity, you will do wonders!

Make individual cakes

Ikea To change the family cake to share but also to please everyone, you can cook several individual pastries in small cardboard molds. Result? Everyone is happy and there is no jealousy!

Edible firs!

Blog In the Land of Candice This blogger had the good idea to make small fir trees in puff pastry and chocolate. Something to please your taste buds but also delight children with a snack! The little extra? The decoration of Christmas balls with multicolored candies. Source: Blog In Candice Country

Give a crunchy shape to your desserts

Ikea To make your Christmas snacks unlike any other, bake cookies in the shape of a star, hearts and characters and add a nice frosting around the edge of the dessert. Make them in different sizes and serve everything on a platter with a hot drink.

Poetic sugars

Julie Ruaux / Canasuc If you are a sugar lover in your hot drinks, you will fall for these lollipops in the shape of butterflies, hearts or other patterns that hang directly on the cup. Your guests will be amazed. Source: Julie Ruaux