DIY Christmas knitting gifts

DIY Christmas knitting gifts

Right in the DIY movement, knitting gifts dusted off an activity that we thought was reserved for grandma. Want to evade the age-old annual question "what am I going to be able to offer them this year"? Browse this selection of DIY knitting ideas and say goodbye to the tedious search for Christmas gifts that get on your nerves… On your needles!

A fox comforter to crochet

Pepika The Pepika boutique offers lots of adorable tutorials to make crochet baby comforters. Who wants to make this cute little fox for us? Source: Pepika

A knitting gift for a knitting fan

We are knitters Any fan of knitting knows what I'm talking about: you have a nice collection of knitting needles, you don't even know what size of needles you have or not… Fortunately We are knitters offers you a free pattern to make a nice needle holder! Source: We are knitters

Trapilho trivets

Yumicha Pretty and efficient! These trivets are made in garter stitch. Do like Yumi, let your creativity speak to make them unique. Source: Yumicha

A knitted house cushion

Wool blog in the metro A nice cushion tutorial to find on the blog La laisne in the metro and which mixes jersey, garter and originality! Source: Wool in the metro…

Knitted mugs

The owl knits We continue with these pretty mugs made by the Toulouse knitters of Tricot Lunch. With their 100% handmade little wool, your mugs are instantly surrounded by the extra soul that is lacking in standard and impersonal gifts from the industry ... Long live tricotherapy! Source: Owl knits

A cushion to offer to your mom

We are knitters A knitting cushion to give to your mom! We make this cushion in jersey stitch and then embroider the pattern thanks to the pattern to download for free on the site of We are knitters. Source: We are knitters

Small DIY candle holders

The knitted owl These small DIY candle holders made by the knitted owl workshop are prime items to offer as gifts for Christmas. Home-made, with his little hands (and his big heart), they instantly warm up the decor (and the hearts) by a few degrees ... without forgetting to stick out your tongue in ready-to-eat: that's (also) why 'we love them! Source: Owl knits

A sweet word to knit

My latest fads What better time than Christmas to say sweet words in the heart of winter… And what better gift than a sweet knitting word to remember forever! Margaux, the blogger of Mes Dernier Lubies tried her hand at the word Happiness in knitting. And for you it will be Love, Peace, Roudoudou or the name of the youngest? Source: My latest fads

A knitted ottoman

Mélanie Marasse This knitted pouffe made by the designer Mélanie Marasset could give you some (wool) yarn to twist for a double Wool / Wouah effect 100% guaranteed. We are far from the old-fashioned accessories knitted by your grandmother in the 70s ... But that is not a reason to dispute the place "Come on bitch that I start!" Source: Minimel