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Succumb to the dandy charm of the André Latin Hotel

Succumb to the dandy charm of the André Latin Hotel

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It is in the heart of the Latin Quarter, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, that the oldest hotel in the capital resides. Freshly renovated, André Latin displays a new look (dandy) for a new life! Inside, a retro-vintage atmosphere that is reminiscent of the Paris of the Belle Epoque, all enhanced by a modern decor. Visit !

Dandy style from father to son

Hôtel André Latin In tribute to their grandfather André, the owners Guillaume and Fabien Sodano adopt the dandy look and elegance. Vintage posters, Art Deco mirrors, details that make all the difference, give the tone and charm of this exceptional place.

Tropical atmosphere in the lounge

Hôtel André Latin Tweed armchairs and sofas are installed opposite the bar and in the relaxation area. In terms of colors, mustard yellow and royal blue, flagship shades of the year, are in the spotlight. They sign a refined and colorful decor, a touch of tropical, another decor trend ultra popular in 2016.

A new decorative concept store

André Latin Hotel Brand new, the concept store of the hotel makes its entrance next to the lobby. Dedicated to young designers, this space presents ultra-decorative objects and accessories, available for sale (clara jasmine jewelry, Colonel Moutarde bow ties, Marie Jeanne candles). The hotel team is committed to finding new objects every two months, to the delight of customers but also passers-by.

Mirror sets

Hôtel André Latin Through subtle sets of mirrors, the Art Deco universe reflects the elegant modernity of the furniture, through marble bistro tables and brass sideboards.

A cocktail bar

Hôtel André Latin The new cocktail bar takes on the appearance of HQ. A good way to see the hotel not as a simple place of passage but also as a place of life and sharing, whose rhythm follows that of the capital.

Amazing XXL lights

Hôtel André Latin To access the rooms, take the elevators and discover these incredible XXL light fixtures that invade the ceiling. Light on these original forms which twist the graphic decoration marked by the cement tiles on the ground.

Rooms with a view of Paris

Hôtel André Latin Spread over 6 floors, the 68 rooms that make up the hotel all charm with their elegant sobriety. Some offer an exceptional view over the rooftops of Paris and the Pantheon.

Elegance and sobriety

Hôtel André Latin In this room, the chic black and white duo is enhanced by beige hues. Simple and efficient and terribly decorative.

Marble in all its forms

André Latin Hotel Zoom on this bathroom, all clad in marble. From floor to ceiling, the marble is there and evolves in tones of water. With its darker color, the basin becomes the flagship element of the room. Note that each room has a private bathroom with a shower or a bathtub. More information on