10 ideas to keep living outside in cold weather

10 ideas to keep living outside in cold weather

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After spending the summer outside, it would be tempting to return to hibernate under your duvet from the first days of autumn ... But even when it is cold, the garden is an infinite source of small daily pleasures, provided you know how to put everything in work to enjoy it. Whether you have a garden, a terrace or a balcony, dare to go out in winter, you will not regret it!

We boost children's immune systems by letting them play outside…

Pexels Contrary to popular belief, young and old are no more likely to get sick outside if they are well covered. So we don't hesitate to bundle up the little ones and go out with them to fill up on fresh air. By playing together, you will oxygenate your body, release tension and enjoy the benefits of natural light. Result: you will be more resistant to colds, more relaxed and you will sleep better. So all out!

What if in winter, we also took a nap outside?

Aiken House & Gardens Like every year, you have put away your deckchairs, hammocks and garden beds until next spring ... But did you know that napping outside in cold weather has multiple benefits? In Scandinavia, infants are even allowed to sleep outside when the thermometer drops below zero so that they sleep better and faster ... For that one rule: do not be cold! So we invest in blankets and blankets, we sit sheltered from the wind and we fall asleep warm while listening to the sounds of nature!

With a mini-vegetable garden, vegetables are harvested all winter!

Delicatessen Factory The vegetable garden can enhance daily meals from October to March. On a small surface, planting in pots or in trays hanging along a wall allows you to grow carrots, turnips, parsnips, squash, winter radishes or lamb's lettuce ... And even if the harvest is done in the rain, your efforts will quickly be rewarded!

The rain is staged

Pinterest Is your garden still wet and you really don't want to go out in the rain? And if you imagine an installation that would enhance your garden or your terrace when it rains? For a weekend, recycle gutters, buckets, watering cans or even old pairs of boots and umbrellas and create water games that will come to life with the next downpour!

Hot chestnuts to be enjoyed with cold hands

Marina's delicacies A delicious, deliciously regressive pleasure, hot chestnuts are even better when you are cold. And to give the children a taste of winter, we have found nothing better than having them peel hot chestnuts after a walk in the garden. While it is snowing or selling, we turn off the TV, prepare chestnuts or an oven and serve them on the terrace!

This winter, we dine outside!

Strawberry and basil / In recent years, more and more restaurateurs have been lending their customers blankets so that they can enjoy a table on the terrace in cold weather. More ecological than external heaters, this new way of living outside makes us want to do the same at home, by investing in beautiful soft blankets… Well covered and sheltered from the wind, we would almost feel on vacation in the middle of the month of November.

Light up your garden to enjoy it later in winter

Lights & Gardens From the All Saints holidays, the night falls earlier and earlier, and encourages us to come home from 5 pm even when the weather is still mild. With a few well thought out exterior lights, you can easily give a second life to your garden or terrace. If that comes at a cost, we gain an extra room to live outside 12 months a year… On a balcony, you just need to install light garlands and place a few candles to create a magical atmosphere all winter!

The new winter ritual, the brazier

Barrow After barbecue time, it's time for braziers! Simpler to install than outdoor fireplaces, the new generation of braziers is easy to move. As soon as night falls, we light the fire and watch the flames dance while having an aperitif… Pure happiness.

The ultimate: the Nordic bath

Horticulture & Gardens Finally, to make winter the most beautiful season of the year in the garden, we dream of offering ourselves a sauna, a jacuzzi or a Nordic bath… Made of natural wood, they easily find their place in all spaces. After a day of work, we put on a bathrobe and immerse ourselves in hot and bubbling water to release tensions and toxins while looking at the stars. And on weekends, whether it rains, sells or snows, you invite your loved ones to a spa session at home. Long live winter!


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