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The house of a cat lover

The house of a cat lover

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This house is a bit of a cat's paradise! The founder of the architectural firm Fauna + DeSIGN has completely designed his house to accommodate his sixteen cats. In addition to having concocted play areas just for them, the entire design of the property was imagined for tomcats. The Japanese design an ultra-design residence, mainly built of wood, and completely new. Owner's tour.

A structure conducive to exercise

Fauna + DeSIGN As you know, cats love to jump and climb up high furniture. Here, everything is done so that the felines can move as they please and in complete safety. They can jump from one plot to another and climb stairs create just for them to go see what is happening higher!

Adapt furniture to cats

Fauna + DeSIGNFauna + DeSIGN Part of the house keeps a more classic appearance because it should not be forgotten that there are also human beings who live in this residence! But nothing is left to chance since the furniture has been installed to be able to also suit felines. The library serves them as hiding places, niches or rest areas and the exposed beams of playing surfaces.

Stairs like no other

Fauna + DeSIGN In this house, cats have their own stairs! To optimize the space as much as possible, the solid wooden steps were fixed directly to the walls. The result is as ergonomic as it is graphic, just like the ultra design cat tree.

A labyrinth for kittens

Fauna + DeSIGN The property has been exploited just in its ceiling! The proof, it has a zigzag course so that the cats can be several to move and to rest in height. A real playground!

Explore space

Fauna + DeSIGN The main fad of cats? Explore all space in its three dimensions. Here, it is possible thanks to the different wooden structures which allows them to jump, climb and dominate the room several meters from the ground, all in a very refined Japanese design.

Fun activities

Fauna + DeSIGN To avoid getting tired of its animals, the architect also thought of installing several playful elements such as tunnels, shelves that act as walkways from one place to another and a real play area for tomcats!

Minimalist games

Fauna + DeSIGN With sixteen cats, we had to find someone to keep them! The designer therefore thought of the space as a children's playground but adapted to his favorite mammals. The special feline activities were built in the purest Japanese tradition, which allows to keep a minimalist and very refined spirit.

Playing on forms

Fauna + DeSIGN With a few wooden planks, you can do wonders. The proof: on the walls of the house there are perfect support points for cats to move around. Thanks to light spots, they are well highlighted and are a significant space saving.


Fauna + DeSIGN The idea of ​​this very decorative construction was also to be able to watch the cats move, play, and simply live. So there are openings everywhere and very bright spaces to always have an eye on the kittens and not miss anything in their daily life!