10 DIY centerpieces

10 DIY centerpieces

Among the table decoration, the centerpiece is one of the most important accessories because it will be seen first and will set the tone for your dinner style. No need to invest in objects, you can make a unique one with a few small tools for a low price. Whatever the occasion to bring your loved ones or your family around the table, here are ideas to give you a little inspiration and amaze your guests.

For Easter snacks

Blog L'atelier de Viliv To prepare a chocolate-based Easter snack for your children, consider creating paper and fabric centerpieces by forming small eggs and birds on wooden spikes. You can even involve your toddlers. Source: L'Atelier de Viliv Blog

A graphic centerpiece

Blog La Loutre scandinave If you prefer to give a graphic and Scandinavian style to your dining room, opt for a modular centerpiece composed of small geometric shapes of different colors. The little extra? Each of them can be used as a coaster. Source: Scandinavian Otter Blog

Bet on a romantic atmosphere

Blog Mor & Mor's Blog With this centerpiece your guests will be delighted! Put a little sand (or fine salt if not), shells and candles in a long dish. You will then get a seaside style but also a romantic and fragrant atmosphere for a dinner alone or with a single friend! Source: Blog Mor & Mor's Blog

A special Halloween decoration

Blog Atelier Fête unique Halloween is approaching, it's an opportunity to prepare to receive your children's friends for a terrifying snack! On the program, ghost-shaped napkins, cutlery painted in orange and black and a centerpiece made of fake pumpkins and branches. Source: Blog Atelier Fête unique

Unusual candlesticks

Blog La Fiancée du Panda This blogger had the good idea to divert bottles of beer and wine by spraying them in a very trendy copper paint. The idea is to then use it as a candle holder or as a vase to create a centerpiece that we will not see in everyone. Source: Blog La fiancée du panda

An origami centerpiece

Blog Rose de Biboun For a Japanese atmosphere, nothing better than origami objects. With paper, form birds and roses that you will place on a crown (also made using colored paper). You just have to install your creation in the center of your dining table. Source: Rose de Biboun Blog

Send a message

Mandi Johnson Would you like to say thank you to your loved ones or your partner? Say it directly in the table decoration by piercing letters on small cans used as candle jars. Your guests will be very touched by this delicate attention. Source: A beautiful mess

A plant centerpiece

Blog Lily's little factory Whether you are looking for a minimalist centerpiece for Christmas or a plant decoration without using real plants, consider making small trees out of fabric. Play with colors and patterns and place everything in an original jar. Source: Blog Lily's little factory

A luminous centerpiece

Baby baptism For a baptism, a baby shower or simply a romantic dinner, you can make a luminous centerpiece with a garland and a candle. The larger your table, the more you can place in order to create a path of light. Source: Baby baptism