Deco ideas for girls' rooms without roses

Deco ideas for girls' rooms without roses

Decorating a room for a little girl or a teenager without using rose, it's possible! For that, forget the clichés and opt for less layette and more modern colors like yellow, blue, gray or even white. Style wise, play on the patterns (polka dots, flowers, geometric shapes, etc.) and raw materials such as wood, so that the room is both contemporary and welcoming. We have selected ideas for a girly room without roses. Let's go !

Fall for a teepee bed!

Alinéa Unusual and mixed, this white and wooden teepee bed will suit both a little boy and you a little girl. To go with it, bet on beige, white or green tones. Add a carpet to add a little warmth to the room.

A pretty soft green on the walls

Cyrillus Because it's not just blue and pink that go into a baby's room! The proof, this green wall covering is soothing and conducive to falling asleep. Pair it with a gray or white bed and a veil that acts as a canopy for your little girl.

A vitaminized teen bedroom

Ikea For a dynamic and bright room, opt for vitamin bed linen, colored curtains and cushions with geometric patterns. On the walls and on the floor, prefer light and neutral shades to avoid having too colorful decor.

Striped curtains

Vertbaudet Accessories make all the difference in decoration, even in a child's room. The black and white patterns have the advantage of blending into the decor regardless of the style of the room. Do not hesitate to add a carpet, a plaid or fabric furniture to warm the space.

A yellow wall to wake up space

Fly In a girl's room or a mixed room, yellow is one of the colors to favor because it is not masculine or feminine. Then play on contrasts by preferring sober bed linen as well as a darker carpet and light fixtures.

Girly cushions

Madura x Paul & Joe No need to use pink to have a feminine touch in the decor. For example, bed linen and pastel cushions with patterns representing flowers or birds will give a feminine atmosphere.

Opt for gray bed linen

Aim Neutral and trendy, gray is THE color that you can use without moderation in a (little) girl's room. Another advantage is that it is a color that harmonizes with many other colors and can be personalized very well.

Color splashes

Vertbaudet To decorate a female teenage bedroom, you don't have to repaint it entirely in a solid color. You can completely add small touches of color here and there with a desk lamp, a chair or colorful decorative accessories.

Put geometric patterns on the walls

Ikea Stripes like polka dots are among the geometric patterns that suit a boy as well as a girl. A wallpaper or a carpet of this kind is therefore ideal in a mixed room or in the future room reserved for your princess.

A Scandinavian style bedroom

Etikolo The Nordic trend invades the house and the children's room is not spared. The little extra: it is consistent for both sexes since it mainly uses neutral colors like white and beige and wooden furniture.

Create patterns on the walls

Dulux Valentine To customize a painting or a plain wallpaper, you can paint it or affix white or yellow patterns for example. This will energize the space and will also make it possible to define the sleeping area or the office area.

Multicolored storage

Farrow & Ball Do you hesitate between several colors to paint your daughter's room? Use more than one! In open niches or a library, you just need to paint with different shades to brighten up the room and make it playful in no time.

No, blue is not just for boys

Ripolin Forget the misconceptions! Blue can do just fine in a girl's bedroom, especially with metallic accessories and white furniture. Be careful however with the total look, which could tire your child.

Red as an alternative to pink

Tollens Red is a romantic and elegant color which is a good compromise not to use pink in a girl's bedroom. You can then place wall stickers of another color to further enhance the walls.

A patchwork of colors

Picslovin In this room, there is not one but several dozen colors! If the walls of the room are painted white, the bed like the bed linen, the photo frames, the carpet or even the bedside table are colored. What make the room fun and unique.

Buy wooden furniture

Juliana de Giacomi Wood is one of the materials to favor in the children's room because it is both robust and neutral. In addition, whether it is a baby bed, a chair or even a chest of drawers, you can easily repaint wooden furniture if you want to revamp the room afterwards.

Tart niches

Mona J. Among the open cupboards, the niches are very practical in a small girl's room. Choose models in funny shapes, like these niches in the shape of small houses, and paint the interior in tart colors. All you have to do is install toys and trinkets.

A purple room

So Nuit Mauve is a good alternative to pink because it is a tender and resolutely feminine shade. You can paint the walls in a purple color or buy storage items (cupboards, drawers ...) sold in this color.

Create your own decor

Farrow & Ball Here, the owners did not stop with a single color but painted themselves parts of the wall in different colors to form friezes which enlarge the space and prevent the child from getting tired of the decor.