10 ideas to reuse your cans

10 ideas to reuse your cans

Everyone uses cans in the kitchen, if only to quickly cook on winter evenings when the fridge is empty. But, instead of throwing them away after emptying them, have you ever thought of recycling them? We have found multiple Do It Yourself that reuse these containers in a decorative way to beautify the house. And this for a zero budget! Whether the objects that emerge are functional or purely decorative, they are not lacking in ingenuity. Take it from the seed.

Install colorful flower pots

Blog Ciera Design Studio What if you made a green wall like no other? This blogger simply repainted cans to make flower pots that she then hung in her garden. What energize your green space at lower cost! Source: Ciera Design Studio Blog

Have unique candle jars

Mandi Johnson For an original table decoration, consider making candle jars from small cans, which you can pierce to form a pattern (a heart, a flower or even a star) or a letter that will be highlighted. by the flame of the candle. Source: A beautiful Mess

Make a jar to store your makeup

Olly Magazine Blog Women and makeup is a great love story. But in terms of putting it away, it's something else! Make a real set of makeup jars out of cans, paint, some rope and scraps of fabric. You will no longer have an excuse not to tidy up your bathroom! Source: Olly Magazine Blog

Make original mugs

Flynnside Out Productions To have original industrial-style tableware, it doesn't take much. The proof, these colorful cups were designed with repainted cans for containers and forks as handles. Enough to energize the snack or the coffee break! Source: Flynnside Out Productions

Build plant suspensions

Blog Simple Stylings These planters have the merit of being original! Suspended from wooden planks by small cords, they highlight plants on the wall of a house or in a garden. The little extra? Paint the boxes with a colorful frieze. Source: Simple Stylings Blog

Boost your kitchen splashback

Layla Palmer Do you have a credenza bar that is too small to accommodate all of your utensils? Divert empty cans to store cutlery or kitchen accessories. You will only have to paint them to differentiate them and hang them on the metal hooks. Source: The lettered cottage

Design an unusual flowerpot

Krista A. Jones Whether for a centerpiece or for flower decorations in the house, consider recycling your cans into pretty vases covered with rope. You will give a seaside style to your dining room. Source: Bayside Bride Blog

Install a bird feeder

Flynnside Out Productions Here is a rather unusual idea to feed the birds that roam around your house. With a rope, a tin can and a plastic cover cut in half, you can create a colorful feeder from scratch to attract sparrows and robins. Source: Flynnside Out Productions

Have custom storage boxes

Parolan Asema Blog In order to have more storage in your interior, create storage boxes using XXL cans or barrels that you have hunted. Add handles if necessary and you can store your DIY tools, sewing or your Christmas decorations. Source: Parolan Asema Blog