Before / After: design and modernize a small living room

Before / After: design and modernize a small living room

In this family apartment, the owners' request was to make their small living room more refined and modern but also more functional. They wanted to call on a professional to help them make up for the limited area of ​​their living room. Catherine, the founder of the Carnet Déco blog, has therefore revamped this slightly old-fashioned living room to make it a contemporary space that gives a new dimension to the room. ** Surface: ** 20m² ** Budget: ** 1000 € TTC for the renovation of the room and the purchase of furniture

A small, well-appointed room

Decorative Notebook ** After: ** Forget the crowded room and the difficulty of passage! The room is enhanced by new white lacquered furniture, namely a TV cabinet (150 euros) and a dining table at 100 euros. A glass coffee table (150 euros) has also been added to create a cozy corner in front of the television and let more natural light into the room.

Too old parquet

Decorative Notebook ** Before: ** The parquet was quite old, therefore damaged by time. The room as a whole was a bit tired. It had an old tapestry and little contemporary furniture, which only accentuated the old aspect of the space. It was therefore imperative to change the existing parquet before proceeding with the renovation of walls and furniture.

Vinyl flooring

Carnet Déco ** After: ** The floor has been replaced not by new parquet but by vinyl blades with bleached wood effect, which gives a little Scandinavian touch to the decor. The extra tip? The vinyl was laid in self-adhesive strips (300 euros), which turns out to be very practical when you don't have the necessary tools or the desire to cut laminated wooden boards to fit.

Dull, old-fashioned colors

Decorative Notebook ** Before: ** The colors of the living room were not the most beautiful effect. Poorly chosen and old-fashioned, they did not showcase furniture and raw materials. The architect therefore tried to counter this dark and unwelcoming aspect which made this room an old-fashioned and ill-organized living room. The only difficulty with the site: one of the walls had to be coated because it was made of wood unlike the other walls already coated.

The taupe color to modernize its interior

Carnet Déco ** After: ** Everything has been redesigned to modernize the living room, giving it colors that are more in tune with the times. The paint color that was chosen consists of two taupe tones signed Dulux Valentine (300 euros for the undercoat and the two coats of paint). One is slightly darker than the other on two sections of walls. Then, the other walls were painted white to keep the brightness of the space and give an impression of contrast.

Declutter space to save space

Decorative Notebook ** Before: ** Often, we think that having lots of storage space is an asset in a living room. If this undeniably allows you to store a lot of business, overloaded or cluttered furniture can quickly give the impression of clutter. The tall storage units were therefore removed to enlarge the space and the TV unit was replaced by a smaller model coordinated with the table. Furthermore, there was no dining area in the living room but a desk area with a computer located right next to the sofa, which was not very practical.

Create a dining area

Decorative Notebook ** After: ** The space kept empty has taken on a new function: that of the dining room. A white lacquered table and designer chairs have been added. This makes it possible to have both a relaxation area with the sofa and the television but also a space dedicated to taking meals, which is much more convivial for receiving friends for dinner.

Put a colored LED strip

Decorative Notebook ** After: ** A multicolored LED strip was installed under the TV cabinet. It allows you to choose an atmosphere according to your desires by changing the color using a remote control. It is ideal for the evening, when you are not watching TV in order to have a dim light without switching on other lights.

Install a play area for children

Carnet Déco ** After: ** In one corner of the lounge, a small games area has been installed, next to the lounge / TV area. Children can have fun in a space dedicated to them while allowing parents to keep an eye on them. If you want to have this kind of play area, consider having storage boxes so that you can quickly clear the floor of toys if guests arrive unexpectedly, for example. For more information, visit the Carnet Déco blog