The color inside the cupboards we dare!

The color inside the cupboards we dare!

In the kitchen, color is essential to create a colorful space in which one enjoys cooking. But, showcases, drawers and other cupboards are no longer confined to their facades. The interior of these cupboards is also adorned with acid colors to personalize the room as you see fit. Here are examples of furniture painted outside but also inside.

Open shelves like no other

Novaceram Open shelves are very trendy but are becoming a little common. To have a unique model, you can attach trays to the walls of your kitchen, painting them as you see fit. Be careful to choose them with a sufficient rim to be able to place small utensils and decorative objects.

Give a buffet a facelift

Marie-Eve Rompré / Aube Design Do you have an old family furniture to renovate? Choose a beautiful deep color, like this blue, and repaint your buffet or dresser outside but also (and above all) inside to have a unique and modern piece of furniture in the blink of an eye. Source: Aube Créations Blog

Pop colors

Fly / So'Cooc If your white kitchen seems too wise and classic, plain colored cupboards (on the right) or mismatched (on the left) can change everything!

An original Do It Yourself

Celest-in Blog Create your own open shelves for wall mounting by repainting crates or storage boxes with Farrow & Ball brand colors. Use as many colors as you want to have storage space, in gradient or by playing on contrasts. Source: Celest-in Blog

Patterns in storage cupboards

Love and Lace To energize a kitchen cupboard, you can change the background of the latter by drawing a personalized pattern. Polka dots, stripes, characters, quote ... Let your imagination run wild! If the pattern is a bit difficult to paint, you can apply wallpaper.

Paint the interior of a tall cabinet

Blog A Beautiful Mess In the kitchen, tall furniture is not necessarily enhanced compared to the storage below. To bring color to the room, paint the inside of your storage in a pop and solid shade that will contrast with that of your facades. Source: Blog A beautiful mess

Make a wall storage

Joshua Rhodes and Sarah Rhodes If you want to have a personalized space in the kitchen, you can make your own storage and customize them. Here, it is a revisited tray that acts as a small shelf in the kitchen, which allows you to paint it as you wish on all sides.

Paint the drawers of your furniture

GG Initials Blog To renovate a slightly decrepit accent piece of furniture, consider painting its drawers in beautiful colors which form a gradient over the length of the piece of furniture. Do not forget to also paint the inside of the drawers for more harmony. Source: GG Initials Blog

A multifunctional storage unit

Julien painting Here, the furniture is used both to store condiments or jars on the shelves, to store small objects or recipes in drawers and to hang tea towels. To make it as functional as it is decorative, it sports a pretty painting down to its smallest corners. Source: Blog The Painting that changes everything