10 wedding gift ideas for food lovers

10 wedding gift ideas for food lovers

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It is always difficult to find the wedding gift that will please the newlyweds. Do you also want to make a more personal gift, in addition to the envelope slipped into the ballot box? We offer 10 wedding gift ideas for cooking lovers. From a pastry robot to homemade gifts, quickly discover how to please future brides and grooms!

We catch the champagne cork on the fly!

Mike Carreiro Photography For lovers of good food and good wine, giving them a tailor-made gift with the champagne cork from their first cut as a husband and wife is a nice idea. With your scissors to make this unusual and sentimental gift for the bride and groom. Something Turquoise Tutorial

Every morning awakened by the good smell of coffee

Macchinetta What could be better than waking up to the good smell of Italian coffee made to perfection. To get the bride and groom off to a good start every day, an Italian coffee maker with a vintage look and soft colors is a good idea. Macchinetta Italian coffee maker, The avant-garde, 23.95 €

Small dishes in large

Even if the traditional wedding list is increasingly abandoned in favor of the ballot box, nothing prevents us from offering beautiful dishes for lovers of cooking. It is always pleasant to serve a dish that has been simmered for hours, on beautiful plates. Porcelain plates, KATE, Maisons du monde, € 35.94 (set of 6)

A gourmet gift for every occasion

Laura Chabreck We can make a basket with a good bottle (to be consumed in moderation of course) for each significant occasion to come for the newlyweds: - 1 year of marriage - 1st child - wedding night - honeymoon - 1st argument, etc. Personalize everything with small labels that you have made yourself: guaranteed success with newlyweds!

Chemistry to conserve alchemy

Molecule-R So that the newlyweds can try new culinary adventures together, why not offer them a molecular cooking kit (19 utensils + 2 DVD + 1 book + 4 additives, something to have fun in the kitchen). Molecular Cooking Kit Styling Kit, Molecule-R, 124.96 €

A food processor worthy of a great chef

Kitchenaid For all lovers of cooking, having a good robot is essential. it greatly contributes to the success of elaborate dishes or pastries. Why not help them have more fun in the kitchen with a multi-function robot. KitchenAid Multifunctional Pastry Chef Robot

A poster

The art of type "Our cuisine is seasoned with love", this is the message of this beautiful poster that can take place in the kitchen of future spouses. Poster "Our kitchen is seasoned with love" by the art of type, Etsy, 7.13 €

A personalized wine box

Intervino / Givegoodgift So that during each one-on-one dinner a little special (honeymoon, wedding anniversaries, etc.), the newlyweds have a bottle to open, the personalized wooden box is the ideal gift. They can also keep the box, once the bottles are tasted, and place a souvenir there. You have two gifts in one. Personalized wine box, Intervino, 89.08 € Wine box for wedding anniversaries,, $ 59 USD

A jacket worthy of a star chef / Bragard For cooking lovers, what could be better than a chef's jacket! Cooking with an outfit worthy of the greatest chefs, practical, will allow the newlyweds to feel confident when they embark on more complex recipes. You can have them personalized with their first names, for an even more professional effect. Black embroidered chef's jacket,, € 39.90 Kitchen jacket, Steel blue district, Bragard, € 94.74


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