Outdoor furniture for large families

Outdoor furniture for large families

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If large families are sometimes difficult to manage, a meal or a vacation that manages to bring everyone together is always greatly appreciated. However, they need to be properly equipped in terms of furniture: it is necessary, for example, to be able to seat everyone around a single table. Don't panic, here is a selection of furniture specially designed for large families.

More than a lounge chair

MacDan / Rattan A few lounge chairs are rarely enough when you have a large family. With this large bed, you avoid disputes.

Always bigger

IKEA A large parasol is essential for outdoor lunches.

A slew of lounge chairs

IKEA Avoid fights between family members and plan enough lounge chairs for the whole family.

Prefer benches to chairs

Maisons du Monde Around the table, prefer to install large benches rather than chairs. They take up less space and can accommodate more people.

A cocooning corner

Castorama / Blooma In the garden, plan a cocooning area, away from children.

Everything must be bigger

Maisons du Monde When you have a large family, each piece of furniture must be larger. We love this XXL corner seat that can accommodate no less than 7 people.

Hammock XL hammock fr Who says big family requires big furniture. We are right in the theme with this three-seater hammock.

In the trend anyway

Maisons du Monde It is not because we have a large family that we must necessarily furnish ourselves with furniture at the garage sales of summer camps in the region. We can also be right in the current trend with this large jaridn sofa in woven resin.

Color block

Grosfillex / Truffaut We adopt a multitude of color block chairs to seat everyone.

Indispensable barbecue

Alinéa / Weber Large family rhymes with large table. And to satisfy everyone, it is best to have a large gas barbecue.

Multiply the shadow corners

IKEA As a good large family, we often tend to scatter in the garden. So that nobody gets sunburned in the summer, plan for pretty shadows everywhere.

Indispensable swing

Alinéa / Soulet Who says large family says multitude of children. Keep them busy and install a nice wooden portico in your garden.

For family evenings that go on forever

Alice's Garden / Greenland The more we are, the longer the meals tend to last. So that no one gets cold after an outdoor dinner, adopt one or more heated umbrellas.

Hard like concrete

Maisons du Monde We shake up habits and adopt this large concrete effect table.

The traditional teak table

Maisons du Monde It is impossible to make a bad taste with a teak table.

To refresh all this little world

Oogarden Adults and children alike will be delighted to be able to take advantage of this swimming pool, which you can store at the end of the summer.

Round table

Lazy Susan No more elders or generation, be all equal around this beautiful round table in wrought aluminum.

A beautiful modular table

Alinéa / Extenso Unexpected guests? Do not panic, this table - already very large - has ends that rise and allow the reception of new guests.

For those who like to jump for joy

Concept Usine You will be very successful if you invest in this trampoline. The children will be absolutely enthusiastic and the parents will end up being tempted…