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Before / After: A design and bright apartment

Before / After: A design and bright apartment

Modernizing an interior without distorting the original spirit of the place is a major challenge! Mixing the old and the modern has never been so popular with the owners, who now rely on the architectural assets of their property: moldings, fireplaces, parquet and paneling are brought up to date, enhanced by furniture and accessories contemporaries. The combination of past and present forms a chic and explosive whole, far from formatted interiors! It is in this spirit that the owners of this three-room apartment of 65m2 have called on the agency Créateurs d'Intérieur. Tired of their bland and old-fashioned decoration, they now wish to live in a modern and bright space.

The lounge before works

Interior designers ** Before **: With its impressive volumes and natural elegance, the living room has many advantages. However, there are signs of fatigue in the walls and the floor, and the whole room is noticeably lacking in light. The owners want to get rid of the partition separating the living room from the dining room: as useless as bulky, it prevents light from flowing correctly from one room to another!

When design and classic style go hand in hand

Interior designers ** After **: The architects have kept the original elements (parquet, fireplace, which they have had carefully renovated. To counterbalance the very Haussmannian aspect of the room, they have incorporated a avant-garde and designer accessories The new living room mixes old and modern style, which form a unique decoration and completely removed from the usual tracers of decoration.

The dining room before renovation

Interior designers ** Before **: Like the lounge area, the dining room displays beautiful volumes somewhat spoiled by the semi-open partition. Parquet floors and faded walls are also to be renovated.

A living room full of pep's

Interior designers ** After **: Now open to the relaxation area, the dining room has gained in conviviality and light. Circulation is facilitated, as are exchanges between guests from one space to another. Blue and gray now dominate the living room, which despite a mixture of daring styles remains sober and very refined.

An arty dining room

Interior designers ** After **: Design and very colorful, the dining room is an invitation to laughter and indulgence. The large table can accommodate up to 8 guests: it surprises with its Plexiglas feet and its large shiny tray. The chairs were chosen in different colors in order to bring cheerfulness to the room while taking the opposite of the large gray wall. The only piece of furniture in this space apart from the table, the white lacquered hanging buffet perfectly reflects the outside light.

The kitchen before work

Interior designers ** Before **: The kitchen is probably the most dilapidated room in the apartment. Sad and tired, it is absolutely no longer up to current standards. The room also has major aesthetic drawbacks with its imposing water heater placed just above the worktop as well as the visible piping throughout the space.

A quirky piece

Interior designers ** Before / After **: Renovating the kitchen represented a major challenge for the architects of the Interior Designers agency. The room, quirky wish, required the use of tailor-made in order to make the most of each of its corners. Thanks to the ingenuity of the designers, no more space is lost! In terms of decoration, pebble gray prevails, bringing softness and luminosity to this beautiful space.

An open kitchen

Interior designers ** After **: The new kitchen was deliberately chosen in sober tones: with its timeless look, it places its assets on its functionality rather than on originality. The partitions have been removed in order to let the room breathe by opening it to the rest of the house. A small desk has been installed just opposite, in a previously unused corner: space is thus optimized 100%!

Spotlight on gray!

Interior designers ** Before / After **: The old bathroom - far too small for a family's needs - has been enlarged thanks to the removal of one of its partitions. Combined with an adjoining bedroom, which the couple did not have the use of, it now offers a beautiful surface to install a spacious and functional bathroom. The couple can thus enjoy a large straight bathtub and a double sink. Suspended toilets complete this beautiful space with a design spirit: here again, gray reigns supreme! More info on