Before / After: Modular architecture in a classic Parisian apartment

Before / After: Modular architecture in a classic Parisian apartment

Rehabilitating a property left in its own juice represents a challenge of choice for the architect Anna Grant: nothing is more pleasant than starting from scratch by imagining new volumes, while arranging the space so that it become modern and functional. When she visits this large Parisian apartment for the first time, what is not her surprise when she discovers a decoration frozen in the 70s! The old owners have indeed changed nothing for several decades, and the new occupants are far from being seduced by this obsolete environment ... They therefore entrust the site to the Parisian architect, whose mission is to restore style and style. freshness to their newly acquired property.

A kitsch-like bathroom

Anna Grant ** Before **: In the same spirit as the adjoining bedroom, the bathroom displays an ultra old-fashioned and totally old-fashioned look. The imitation leopard wallpaper and the faux marble from floor to ceiling are enough to put off newcomers!

Black & white spirit

Anna Grant ** After **: The new kitchen displays a much more generous surface thanks to the inversion of the rooms. The former master suite has given way to a graphic and bright kitchen, orchestrated by the subtle combination of black and white. Semi-open to the dining room, the kitchen now offers a dedicated space for dining.

Decorative details

Anna Grant ** After **: Anna Grant has taken particular care with the equipment and details of the new kitchen: the owners, who like to hang out for the time of preparing meals, indeed need sufficient storage space to store all their utensils! The stainless steel built-in appliances integrate perfectly into its new environment: the ovens, placed high, are easy to access and offer good performance.

Light on the bathroom!

Anna Grant ** Before / After **: The bathroom has moved to the location of the old kitchen, which the Parisian architect has transformed into an elegant and minimalist room. The new toilet space is bathed in light, simple and unadorned. A large walk-in shower framed by glass walls now sits in the middle of the room, majestic!

Design spirit

Anna Grant ** After **: Close-up on the shower, the highlight of the new bathroom.

Multifunctional corridor

Anna Grant ** Before / After **: The new entrance plays the libraries with its niches in which the owners can display their beautiful books and works of art. The old glass hinged door has given way to a sliding closure, more discreet and modular.

A breath of modernity

Anna Grant ** Before / After **: The old corridor was rather drab and dark with its colorful ceiling and carpet largely out of fashion. Anna Grant illuminated the whole by painting the walls and the ceiling in white. The carpet was torn off and the parquet that slept underneath was sanded and glazed. Unique touch of color in this immaculate space, the back wall has a pretty clay tint.

The guest bedroom is gaining in functionality

Anna Grant ** Before / After **: Although spacious, the old guest bedroom deserved a good blush! The carpet, lime green as in the whole apartment, revealed when it was removed a nice parquet in Hungarian points. The Parisian architect chose to separate the space into two parts in order to integrate an office area into the room. Delimited by a canopy of workshop spirit, the guest room still displays beautiful proportions!

Minimalist style for toilets

Anna Grant ** Before / After **: If the former owners had imagination for decoration, it was not the same for style. The toilets were like the rest of the apartment: kitschy and completely obsolete. Anna Grant has opted for simplicity with water-green walls and suspended toilets. The new WCs now invite you to relax! More info: