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10 decor ideas for a successful cocktail party

10 decor ideas for a successful cocktail party

In all seasons, organizing a cocktail party is always THE good idea - and even more so in summer, right? It has the power to transport instantly to other horizons, distant and sunny. And if we blow 10 decorative ideas to you to highlight the small wonders that you will offer that evening to your guests. Health!

Colorful straws

Chloe kitchen

Nothing like slipping a few colorful straws into your cocktails. Remember to match them harmoniously with your appetizers, you will have nothing to envy to the sublime images of decorated buffets found on Pinterest.

Open bar !

Thirsty for tea

For festive buffets, we like the idea of ​​being able to keep our cocktails cool and consume them at an optimal temperature thanks to the airtight lids of these glass jars. Source: Thirsty for Tea

Coaster doily

Clélia Hutin

Colorful, dotted or hooked, the placemat turns into a vintage and refined coaster to dress up your party tables.

Festive cocktail pick

A beautiful mess

A wooden pick, a little crepe paper, scissors, glue ... And here are some pretty festive cocktail picks! Source: A beautiful mess

Glass brands so you don't go wrong

In my jar

The friends of my friends are my friends ... but that doesn't mean that we have to share our drink. You can't go wrong with these adorable hand-made glass markers. Infinitely available, they can be personalized according to your theme or your interior. Smart! Source: In my jar

Aromatic herbs and cocktail

Sulky granny

A touch of aromatic herb delicately placed at the top of your cocktails will bring, not only an undeniable taste originality but also, a colorful nuance and full of pep. Rosemary, mint, basil, coriander,… All you have to do is choose yours! Source: Mamie boude

Cocktails in jars

Linda Wagner

The habit does not make the monk but it contributes all the same. Dress your creations in these deliciously vintage glass jars and, believe me, your cocktails will not have the same flavor at all.

Flowery ice cubes

A drop of pleasure

Amaze your guests by bringing a touch of originality to your cocktails. In your ice cube tray, add petals, fresh herbs, candies, etc. to make unique ice cubes that will surely make a splash. Source: A drop of pleasure

A flower in my cocktail

Behind the bar

The tip of the biggest tender bars to brighten up a glass is at hand: a pretty flower placed on the edge of your cocktail and it immediately takes on another dimension, don't you think?