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10 ideas for making DIY curtains without a sewing machine

10 ideas for making DIY curtains without a sewing machine

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Your good old sewing machine broke down? Are you looking for original ideas to customize your impersonal or worn out curtains without necessarily having to go through the couture box? We invite you to discover ten DIY ideas without a sewing machine that are quick to make and accessible to beginners. So ready to roll up your sleeves?

A classic curtain

Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes Do you dream of making a curtain for your bathroom or living room but you are not very used to the sewing machine? Direction the blog A Beautiful Mess which explains step by step how to make a nice model without thread, without needle and without sewing machine. Source: A Beautiful Mess

A colorful curtain

3 Little Greenwoods On the same principle, you could otherwise opt for this pretty punchy model. To do this, bring patterned fabric, a window panel, ribbon and an iron ... let's go! Source: Designer trapped

A confetti curtain

Remodelaholic Do you want to add a playful and colorful touch to your slightly banal curtains? The great idea: revamp them with a few stencils and a little paint. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Remodelaholic

A curtain with customized contours

Love maegan Another nice idea that will certainly give style to your curtains: sew small pompoms purchased in stores and ready to install using thread and a needle along your curtain. Source: Love maegan

A curtain of pompoms

Zess If you have a little time in front of you and a lot of patience, you can also make your own tassels or if necessary make a curtain of tassels. To do this, bring balls of wool, embroidery thread, scissors and a needle and follow step by step the tutorial from Jessica from the Zess blog. Source: Zess

A graphic curtain

Sisters suitcase blog Another possible transformation: put small geometric shapes on your white curtain. To do this, make a stencil of the desired shape and size then paint the inside of your stencil with metallic paint. Simple and efficient ! Source: Sisters suitcase blog

Macrame curtain

Janae Hardy, Laura Gummerman and Emma Chapman With rope, macramé, a knot-based weaving technique, can also be used to make an original bohemian-style curtain. Source: A Beautiful Mess

A tie and dye curtain

Meghan Klein Lovers of the tie and die trend will favor this tutorial which explains in a clear and detailed way how to create a nice gradient on a textile using soda ash, dye and ice packs. Source: Jojotastic

A curtain with lace

My decorative notebook An old sheet, a tea towel, satin ribbon, scissors, thread, needle and pins, this is the material that you will need to bring together if you decide to make this pretty hand cousin curtain, a bit romantic. Source: My decorative notebook