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Spring cleaning, even in the "secondary" rooms of the house

Spring cleaning, even in the "secondary" rooms of the house

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Spring cleaning is an opportunity to put your house in order… but not only in its main rooms! From the cellar to the garage, from the utility room to the pantry, the secondary spaces also demand to see more clearly. After all, nothing like a good "tidying up" assignment to make them more functional and more attractive.

In the pantry

Ikéa Go to the pantry and waste an incredible amount of time finding the ingredients you are looking for: that is ancient history. And for good reason, spring cleaning is more than ever the opportunity to restore order in this space subordinate to the kitchen.

In the laundry room

Ikéa With small, medium and large laundry bins, all concentrated in the same piece of furniture and subtly hidden behind a large curtain: the laundry room is chic, discreet and practical!

In the DIY corner

Ikéa No, DIY does not rhyme with bric-a-brac! Proof with this extremely well organized dedicated space. What make any beginner want to learn ...

In the office

Castorama The office also deserves careful sorting. Invoices, mail, loose sheets, missing supplies: it's time to sort and list what is missing to give it a new and clean look.

In the garage

Leroy Merlin The garage accumulates everything that does not fit in the house: gardening tools, household products, ski suits, bikes ... In short, so many things mixed that it is important to breathe in a wind of storage in order to better s 'find there.

In the games room

Ikea Lost dice, pawns mixed from one game to another, puzzles or toys that they no longer want to use: the children's playground needs to put its ideas back in place. Or the best way to make room for new future games.

In the couture corner

Ikéa We may have a wide choice of textiles, and all the equipment occupying a large space: the sewing corner is better to stay tidy, at least, at the end of the workshop. In order not to invade the house, but also to find my way around better, this is the basis to be respected.

In the corridor

Purpose The corridor is a passage space, not a storage room! We therefore think of reviewing the interior of its cupboards or shelves being fitted out there. Several of them should be able to be emptied ...

Under the stairs

Ikea The space under the stairs is all too often either unused or chaotic. Down with the annoyingly furnished square meters! With some good storage in pockets, it's easy to make the most of this space.


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