Compartmentalized drawers for the dressing room

Compartmentalized drawers for the dressing room

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If the spring cleaning gives a new look to the dressing room, to start again on good bases, we put above all on compartmentalized drawers. The goal: that socks, ties, belts, scarves and others coexist in harmony without stepping on them. Little lesson in storage pictured.

Rule of 9

Lapeyre Practical, this drawer divided into 9 equal parts distinguishes the belts from the fabrics, the gloves from the bonnets. Who says better ?


Ikéa Reserved for the fashion pole, this compartmentalized drawer accommodates pockets, scarves, pretty fabrics and rhinestone belts. So that Madame can find the desired accessory in 1 second, it looks like everything except a kit.


Ikea The men's drawers are also well organized: a box for wallets, one for ties, one for cuff links and so on. In short, we can only compliment them.

In baskets

Ikéa Here, each accessory (belt, necklace, body milk, scarf, etc.) finds a tidy place thanks to pretty braided baskets. No question of tangling the brushes!


Ikea Any informed fashionista should opt for the compartmentalized style in terms of dressing. Thus, glasses, jewelry and other hair pins are easily spotted when the drawers are opened ...

In balls

Ikéa In this compartmented drawer, each accessory - from belts to scarves - has been meticulously rolled up to make it as small and as space-saving as possible.


Ikéa Multiple compartments in these drawers where a maximum of accessories and clothing finds refuge. Totally space saving and 100% tidy you say?

In trio

Ikéa Placed under the clothes rack, this storage locker includes three subdivisions where to separate the hangers from small tops or accessories. The rule of 3 to store properly?


Ikéa The canvas storage is not really a drawer, however, they share with them the same enthusiasm for the compartmentalized style allowing to classify and distinguish each accessory by its color, its size or its style.


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