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What decorative style for my balcony?

What decorative style for my balcony?

In search of a decorative style that could suit our balcony, we took a look at the homes. And here's what we found.


Sunbathing assumed for this balcony which has straight out a lounge chair. A luxury that cannot be refused when you are lucky enough to have a spacious balcony.

Color block

Bahamas inspiration for this irresistible balcony. Orange chair, pink bench, yellow table and half turquoise half bright red front: we are a fan of this imminent change of scenery!


Round table in wrought iron, sky blue color, generous greenery in pot, terracotta floor, floral patterns on the railing: welcome to Provence!


Fitted with an extra sofa and recuperated storage furniture, this small balcony ensures a vintage look expertly mastered.


Planter, green wall: although small, this balcony has indeed decided to see life in green! A 100% natural choice that wishes us well.


View from below on this little hyper-contemporary haven of peace. Here, sobriety, a touch of greenery, a mixture of gray wood on the floor and metal furniture are the highlights!


Sometimes it only takes a designer piece of furniture to awaken the sleepy aesthetics of the high perched spaces. This red and round armchair like a balloon is proof of this.

Well hidden

Here we are, tucked away behind green foliage, away from prying eyes, Because to enjoy life on the balcony, you have to be anything but uncovered.

Retro chic

Total wrought iron look for this high perched balcony. With a black color as a bonus, it seems that the tone is set on the "retro chic" side!

Rooftop balcony

What could be better than a balcony on a roof? Because this is the big trend of the summer, we too are creating a little rooftop, just for us, in two stages, three movements!

A balcony by the water

As temperatures reach peaks, we fall for this small balcony, located at the water's edge. Ideal for recharging one's batteries while enjoying the freshness of the surrounding water.

A balcony with a view

Love at first sight for this small city balcony, with breathtaking views of the city. Perfect for getting away from it all and recharging your batteries, without leaving your home.

Corner balcony

Here is the proof that one can also arrange a balcony in a corner. At the same time saving space and decoration, this balcony allows to benefit from the few clearings that the city life has to offer us!

A balcony that gives pride of place to the greenery

Because a small corner of greenery is always welcome when you live in the city, add climbing plants and, thus, avoid the looks of prying neighbors.

An inviting balcony

To make your balcony as welcoming as possible, set up a small corner tea room spirit. A small table and 4 folding chairs will do the trick, believe us.

A balcony conducive to relaxation

Who says balcony, says desire for rest and relaxation. Our advice? Add a folding lounge chair, which will be very easy to store if bad weather is coming up.

A balcony in a row

A row balcony is really ideal for creating volume and expanding space. Add some flowers and pretty canisses, voila!

A white-clad balcony

For a balcony as chic as it is elegant, opt for furniture and decorative items all dressed in white. In addition to an undeniable aesthetic side, this color will bring brightness to your space.

An exotic balcony

And if you have desires elsewhere, decorate your balcony with exotic plants, such as small cacti and or succulents. Discover even more balcony-inspired photos by clicking here!