Color: 10 inspirations for spring

Color: 10 inspirations for spring

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March 20 officially marks the arrival of spring and gives everyone the desire to change their decor! And what could be better than changing the colors of its interior to match this new season? We suggest 10 inspirations of colors to adopt to put a good mood on your walls.

Natural green

Guittet And it is not only the emerald green that makes a recipe in the decor because all the shades of green that evoke nature settle in the interiors to represent spring and its renewal.

Orange color

Tollens / Pantone Remember, last year the trend color was "Tangerine tango". This year again, it will energize your interior thanks to its warm appearance that wakes up any interior.


Castorama What if you brought the sun into your interior? With a touch of yellow applied to your walls, the house dresses in its spring clothes to bring you good humor in everyday life.


Dulux Valentine Whether indigo blue or lapis lazuli blue, all shades of this color are welcome in the house this spring! And yes, blue brings a note of freshness to the house and does not fail to evoke the holidays to come. We do not hesitate to marry different shades.


Dulux Valentine This spring, you risk seeing marshmallow life thanks to the pastel trend that prevails in the house! On the program: very soft roses that combine with yellow sorbet or almond green for a soft decoration.

Bright colors

Guittet If you find that pastels lack character, know that bright colors are not left out this spring! We can then afford a bright pink to wake up a decor that is too white and too wise.

Color block

Leroy Merlin And if you like bright colors, you can even combine them to create a color shock that fashion calls "color black". The effect is very dynamic and does not lack character!

Natural colors

Dulux Valentine If you prefer a peaceful interior, the natural colors will match you perfectly with their soft and easy-to-live colors. The bonus: they will not fail to highlight the beautiful light of spring.


Dulux Valentine This is the big surprise of this spring: black remains in the race! If this color is usually reserved for winter, it will remain at the forefront of our decoration with a very graphic game.


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