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Spring storage is in the "bins"!

Spring storage is in the "bins"!

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Boxes, boxes, baskets, baskets or trunks: yes, filling up on decorative bins of all kinds is the number 1 objective for spring. Everything to make the "storage" mission more chic and fun! The proof :

Cubes version matriochkas

Ikea 4 cubes, 4 colors, 4 sizes. Displaying a nice profile of Russian dolls, these cubes show us the color storage!

Color boxes

AM.PM True tote, these rectangular bins playing on accumulation stand out from each other by the color worn: silver, white, yellow or orange. A cocktail full of pep, which increases the rating of spring cleaning!

Pantone boxes

Purpose The colors of the famous color chart give color and a nice name to our storage boxes. WE love !

Variable size baskets

Ikéa Arriving at the storage baskets stage, the tote bins are more flexible, in every sense of the word. The format of these is made to organize AND sublimate at the same time, the smallest objects.

Box geometry

Monoprix Geometric dressing for this duo of boxes thanks to which the transfer of small storage spaces takes a funny graphic turn.

Metal trunks

AM.PM With this collection of decorative trunks to stack or align, spring cleaning no longer has the same taste. We are valid at 200%.

Braided baskets

AM.PM Plaited mood on the storage side, the tropical look is very attractive. Or how to get ahead of the summer season!

Cocoon basket

Ferm Living This knitted storage basket tries to give its vision of storage with its softness. Everything but painful!


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