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20 tea towels not to burn

20 tea towels not to burn

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Tea towels are one of the essential accessories to have in your kitchen. Whether checkered, patterned, textured or even degraded, they can energize the style of your room and represent much more than a simple piece of household linen. Here is our selection of fabrics not to be damaged!

Make your own tea towel

Mamas Kram Can't find the cloth of your dreams? Make it! Follow the advice from the Mamas Kram blog to reproduce this very simple Do It Yourself. Take plain cloths, textile paint of the color of your choice and you will get three cloths with personalized patterns, which you will not see in everyone.

A cloth that we are not ashamed to hang!

Ikea The new Tillfälle collection, inspired by Brazil, will wake up your kitchen! Beyond furniture and crockery, the Swedish brand offers original household linen including tea towels which will go perfectly with a colorful set. Price: 5.99 euros the set of three

A summer wind blows in the kitchen

Ikea To keep your kitchen in summer time, nothing like new linens that you will be happy to highlight. These two-color tea towels from the Sommar collection, which you can match with dishes, will bring freshness to your room. Price: 3.99 euros the set of two

In tribute to the Lyon breweries

Becquet These beige and red checkered fabrics remind us of the famous Lyonnais corks typical of the city of Lyon. Something to remind you of vacation memories while bringing warmth to your kitchen. Price: 33.80 euros for a set of six tea towels

Colorful tea towels

Ferm Living Can't find a single tea towel? Select several different patterns and colors to build up a nice set of linens that will brighten up your kitchen. Price: 11 euros each, on Made in Design

Designer tea towels

Atelier LZC With these unique and graphic tea towels signed Atelier LZC, you will no longer be ashamed to leave them lying around when you receive friends for dinner! Simple and colorful, they are on sale on the brand's e-shop for 15 euros each.

A timeless pattern

Spoiler To not get tired of your household linen, opt for a motif that has stood the test of time and fashion: tiles. Do not hesitate to have several cloths with (small or large) tiles of different colors, which you will hang on the handles of drawers or cupboards.

Nordic Chick

La Cocotte And why not put a little whimsy in the kitchen with these tea towels from the brand La Cocotte? Elegant, colorful and a bit offbeat, they will seduce adults and keep children occupied while the small dishes simmer. You choose the model from this collection "Nordic Chick" 100% cotton. Price: 15.90 euros

A contemporary linen tea towel

Etsy If you think that linen is necessarily beige or gray and think again! This handmade tea towel (reference Sureau) is indeed in black natural linen, with white elderberry branches drawn on it. It is ideal in a monochrome kitchen. Price: 19 euros

An organic and beautiful tea towel

Annabel Kern The designer Annabel Kern likes to put her grain of salt in the kitchen! With its colorful and sparkling universe, it allows you to put a good mood behind the stove. The proof, with this machine washable organic cotton tea towel. Price: 17 euros

For a good cause

Etsy This tea towel unearthed on Etsy has a very explicit sentence: "Stay loyal, Stay local". It encourages you to buy and eat local products, grown in France or near you. What deliver a green message to your guests!

Animal household linen

Vanilla Fly Without sinking into an overly kitsch model, you can energize the handles of your kitchen elements with a cloth that sports an elephant. Remember to enhance it by hanging it on a hook that you have previously placed on the wall.

Basque cloth tea towels

Jean Vier creations It is one of the timeless materials. Basque fabric, widely used in the South West of France, invades the kitchen with its sunny colors. All you have to do is choose from the different colors and stripe thicknesses. A word of advice: prefer a small designer rather than a large sign to find a real tea towel made in an artisanal way.

Graphic household linen

RoomBlush Here are tea towels that will appeal to young and old! Their graphic and refined patterns will highlight your kitchen and make it a decorative accessory in its own right, which you will have trouble storing in your cupboards ... Price: 25.90 euros the set of two

A flowered tea towel

Mini Labo + Moutet This Jacquard woven cotton model (70 x 50 centimeters) will bring a touch of softness and femininity to your kitchen. Born of the collaboration between two fashionable brands, Mini labo and Moutet, it is an element in its own right in the room. Price: 13 euros

When the kitchen speaks to you

Charvet éditions Do you often confuse your hand towels with your tea towels and napkins? To avoid getting lost in your household linen, here is the solution: a message cloth, which reminds you that its place is in the kitchen! This model made entirely of linen.

An ultra-resistant cloth

Charvet éditions If there is one material that can stand the test of time, it is linen. Resolutely trendy and a little retro, this Country Nature model is a powerful ally for wiping your dishes or cleaning your kitchen.

A little poetry in the kitchen

Maisons du Monde These Maisons du Monde tea towels (collection "Little Things", plain or patterned, deliver small positive messages and filled with good humor. It is ideal in a sober and narrow kitchen because it will be so nicely put in value Price: 13.99 euros for three pieces

Vichy and chevron patterns

La Cocotte The timeless Vichy motif gets a facelift with La Cocotte. It is indeed available in several colors, the red and white duo is no longer necessarily required. Or how to bring a touch of color into the kitchen without making tons of it.


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