Architect's advice: develop an entirely open-plan apartment

Architect's advice: develop an entirely open-plan apartment

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No longer living in tiny rooms, increasing the brightness, redistributing space during renovation work ... there are many reasons for the total decompartmentalization of our interiors. Not to mention that when buying, or even renting, it is much more economical to invest an empty surface, an adjustable tray at will, than an already partitioned apartment not necessarily to one's taste. This virgin surface will then transform into a mini-loft, compartmentalized, but devoid of traditional doors and partitions rising to the ceiling (except for the toilets which will have to keep their intimate space).

An open plan apartment arranged in a U

Angélique BLANC Here is a typical apartment of an old building whose U-shaped configuration is perfectly suited to an open plan layout. The staircase of the building, amputating the central part of the volume, alone gives the rhythm of the arrangement and allows the creation of compartmentalized but open-plan spaces. The existing partitions were indeed demolished, on the prior advice of an architect or structural technician, because over time, simple partition walls can become load-bearing. It is therefore strongly advised to refer to a professional before slaughtering them. The entrance to the apartment faces a closed laundry room receiving the toilet, behind which is installed the baby space semi-closed by a glass roof with storage in the lower part, and by a curtain obscuring the light. The entire width of the apartment is then occupied by a beautiful living space which will be adorned with fabrics (curtains, carpets, etc.) to warm the atmosphere. Then, behind the second glass roof for more privacy, the bedroom and the bathroom are arranged in the back of the U, delimited by a dressing room.

An open plan apartment with mezzanine

Angélique BLANC If you live as a couple with a child in an apartment with a high ceiling, here is an ingenious and aesthetic solution to maintain areas of privacy, isolate the parents and the child by another means than the partition traditional. It is the cabin-style mezzanine, closed by filter panels (Japanese panels) above the wooden railing. Growing up, and especially with the arrival of adolescence, your child will appreciate this autonomous and peaceful space including a desk and a private bathroom. At the entrance to the volume is an office space separated from the living room by a shelf on easily movable casters. The parental bedroom space, located between two load-bearing walls, preserved so as not to weaken the structure of the frame, can be easily insulated by a claustra (perforated wall) suspended by rails from the ceiling. The bathroom is arranged at the back of the apartment, also fitted with a screen, behind a large U-shaped dressing unit.

An open-plan apartment for single people, flexible as desired

This 8.50 mx 6.25 m single apartment is fully open and low cost! Devoid of partitions, the layout is not permanent and can be adjusted as desired. The entrance opens onto the kitchen extended by the dining and living areas. The sleeping area is distinguished from this living space by eight shelves arranged like a rounded screen, slightly masking the bed without enclosing it. The bathroom is arranged on a platform receiving storage drawers. This level separation visually separates the spaces without confinement. Finally, a low wall of glass paving stones insulates the bathroom from the living room. The glass blocks are chosen multicolored to avoid the "shower wall" effect and they contribute to creating a warm atmosphere giving the illusion of a stained glass window which will energize the living room.


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