Small spaces opt for the storage wall!

Small spaces opt for the storage wall!

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When there is a lack of space, occupy the latter as much as possible! So for storage, we think of using the wall surface in its full height for a more than optimized space. Here are some ideas for making the best use of your walls and storing them properly.

Dressers all over the wall

Ikea To optimize the storage of your rooms, you can devote a wall to storage furniture. For example, three identical dressers are placed to transform the wall into maximum storage space and there is no hesitation in adding shelves on the upper part.

A large storage unit

Ikea To make your storage easier, you can opt for a very tall piece of furniture with cupboards and drawers that will allow you to store a multitude of objects and documents. We can bet on a small scale that will allow access to the upper space.

From the wardrobes to the walls

Ikea In this fashionista bedroom, clothes take up the most space. So to maximize storage, we install hanging bars on the entire wall surface of the room. In addition to being very practical, these bars are very decorative since the clothes will become the objects of decoration of the walls.

Chairs on the walls

Leroy Merlin In the kitchen or the dining room, you don't always need all the chairs to take up space in the room. Also, do not hesitate to put the chairs on the wall that are only useful when you receive guests.

A dressing room on the wall

Leroy Merlin To store all the clothes, we are also inspired by the clothes racks of the stores and we install our dressing room on the wall surface by placing both shelves and wardrobes to store the clothes and add some decorative items.

A storage unit as a partition

Leroy Merlin Do not hesitate to invest the entire partition to gain storage space. You will find storage systems that mix shelves, lockers and other cupboards to store everything using the wall surface.

A dressing room to install on the wall

Lapeyre To store your clothes, rather than using a wardrobe that will take up a lot of space, prefer a storage system that attaches to the wall. The advantage is that you can adapt your storage to the wall thanks to modular structures.

Storage lockers

Fly Do not hesitate to bet on storage lockers that will easily find their place in the living room. Play with colors to make the storage unit a real decorative asset.

Custom storage

Ikea Finally, do not hesitate to multiply the different types of storage that will exactly meet your needs. Multiply the boxes that you stack or place on shelves and add small pieces of furniture for an optimized organization.


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