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Kitchen: Everyone at the counter!

Kitchen: Everyone at the counter!

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While all trendy restaurants adopt counter-style high tables to welcome customers in a friendly atmosphere, kitchens also adopt this trend to offer a new space for meals. Islands and worktops allow you to settle down "at the counter".

A work plan dedicated to meals

Aviva In this very trendy kitchen, an entire space is dedicated to meals with a work plan detached from the rest of the kitchen which can comfortably accommodate four people for meals.

A counter to separate the kitchen

Baker Know that the counter spirit of the kitchen can also help you visually separate the spaces by creating a break with the living room or dining room. You can thus install stools on one side for a convivial space.

A countertop work plan

Aviva Some worktops that are installed in the center of the kitchen are really designed to accommodate guests at the counter! For this, they have a recess in the lower part in order to accommodate stools comfortably.

A bar between the kitchen and the dining room

Aviva To create a hybrid space between the kitchen and the dining room, some kitchens offer a kind of bar that allows you to create a space for meals where a convivial place that links the two parts of the room.

A counter in the extension of the kitchen

Baker In this U-shaped kitchen, the dining area is installed as an extension of the kitchen to be as close as possible to the living room and create a convivial space.

A counter perpendicular to the kitchen

Kitchen Plus In this large living room, the kitchen counter is placed perpendicular to the rest of the kitchen furniture to create a third space in the room that can be compared to a more convivial dining room.

A counter around the kitchen

Kitchen Plus In this kitchen, the worktop forms a U which allows you to sit all around to take meals without taking your eyes off the cook! Ideal not to cut the contact when you need to be in the kitchen.

A kitchen with a large counter

Kitchen Plus Do not hesitate to take advantage of the kitchens whose furniture stretches over the length in order to offer you a large counter that can accommodate the whole family in a very friendly way.

Counter kitchen

Ikea This original kitchen is visually entirely made up of a large counter since it forms a U in the middle of the room. So everyone can sit around the kitchen to spend some time with the cook.

A friendly counter

Alinéa We dream of sitting down at this counter to have breakfast with the family each morning. The little extra that we like: the stools in blond wood, with designer seat and pastel colors that take place around.

A very small counter

Ikea In a small kitchen, it is not always possible to slide a practical counter. Our tip for creating one: do not put corner furniture to have the space to position two chairs.

In the extension of the central island

Purpose What a good idea to install a counter in the extension of the central island. If you like that the spaces are however well delimited, install it a little lower in order to create a real table.

A counter as a table

Mobalpa In the kitchen, installing a counter instead of a table is a real choice! So that everyone can sit there, do not hesitate to dare an XXL model!

At the same height as the worktop

Schmidt To all lovers of contemporary kitchens, here is one that will not leave you indifferent! We love its huge central island that combines storage drawers, sink, worktop and dining area!

An ideal counter for breakfasts

Schmidt If having breakfast with the family on weekends is essential, adopt a large work plan on which you can imagine a space for taking meals. We love this warm but modern wooden counter!

A wider work plan

Aviva In this small kitchen, which has little worktop, it is difficult to imagine a small counter corner. Unless you choose a board wider than the furniture and let it protrude to create a practical tablet! All you have to do is get high stools!

A counter like a cafe

Mobalpa For a kitchen that opens onto the living room, create a small, practical and above all more convivial opening! Convert the remaining end of the wall into a bar and add a few stools!

Extending the shelves

Mobalpa Small originality in this kitchen where the counter extends the storage shelves. For perfect harmony, the set was chosen in white ... ideal for a light, airy and ultra contemporary decor!

A huge counter

Mobalpa Do you want to do it big in the kitchen? It is without question on THIS counter that we must bet! Totally independent of the rest of the furniture, you can position it wherever you want!