When an industrial building becomes a family home and a guest room

When an industrial building becomes a family home and a guest room

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In Ghent, Belgium, the architecture firm NU architectuuratelier has completely redesigned an old brick forge to transform it into a family home as well as a guest house. Here is an ultra design house to inspire you but also to spend the weekend!

An interior courtyard perfectly integrated into the house

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier Behind the facade and its windows on the ground floor, it is not directly the house that is found but rather a huge covered courtyard which makes the link between the street and the house in it -even. The materials, the structure and the container (which serves as storage space) give a very industrial side to the courtyard, warmed by carpets on the ground and wooden furniture.

A living room without a partition

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier To preserve the industrial spirit and the beautiful volumes of the building, the living room is spread out in length, without partitions, in a friendly family environment. In terms of decoration, the raw materials of the floor and the structure are counterbalanced by a light wooden ceiling and warm contemporary furniture.

A living room open to the outside

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier The living space therefore finds its place a few meters after the facade and is located between the courtyard of the entrance and a garden at the rear. This configuration allowed the architects to open the living spaces to create a real indoor / outdoor living room thanks to large bay windows.

A kitchen integrated into the living space

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier The kitchen plays the card of modernity and becomes a real graphic element of the living room. Integrated directly into the room, the furniture is installed on a wall and is complemented by a counter with an unusual curve. Not using tall units makes it easier to blend the kitchen into the room.

Furniture constituting the habitat

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier Like the kitchen that fits into the construction of the house, the storage shelves are directly anchored in the habitat and even allow it to be structured. In the living room, the shelf that installs on an entire wall allows for example to hide the staircase that leads to the first floor and to the private areas. A clever idea.

Efficient design

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier Upstairs, the bathroom has a clean and efficient design. The basin is installed along the entire length of the wall for the family aspect and the shower takes place in a recess in the wall. The radiator becomes a graphic and decorative element, taking place on a wall like a painting. On the color side, white and pastel green illuminate the room warmed by the wood of the floor and the ceiling.

Original rooms

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier In the child's bedroom, simple design is also effective while focusing on originality. The bed is installed on the mezzanine with a climbing wall to access it and a relaxation area finds its place below. A design spirit that remains consistent with the rest of the house.

A guest room in the heart of the courtyard

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier To share this original accommodation, the family chose to integrate a guest room into the courtyard of the house. Thus, a container is installed upstairs to offer an intimate space that fits perfectly into the industrial spirit of rehabilitation.

A space with a warm design

Stijn Bollaert / NU architectuuratelier Did you imagine the interior of a cold and dark container? Not for NU architectuuratelier who transformed this space by offering it a large picture window which brings in the sun and covering the entire interior with light and ribbed wood. The living space is installed on the ground floor and the bedroom finds its cocoon-like place on the mezzanine which is accessed by the industrial ladder. More info on NU architectuuratelier


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