The secrets of beautiful planters in winter

The secrets of beautiful planters in winter

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Just because nature seems to be paused does not make it possible for the gardener to bring, thanks to a few tips, a little cheerfulness and color around him! In winter, however, it is too ambitious to want to brighten up an entire garden. We will be satisfied with a few touches, through planters and pots that we will place near the house, the rest of the garden wintering wisely under a mulch of leaves. The time is not for geraniums and petunias, what varieties to choose for our compositions? In this harsh season, some represent sure values: this is the case of succulents, grasses, ground cover conifers, heather and pansies, even some aromatics. If in doubt, check their hardiness by favoring those that have good resistance to cold. In addition to the choice of varieties, remember to play on materials, shapes, colors, wearing - drooping or airy -, to energize your compositions. Another tip: mulch the soil of your planters to avoid the sadness of a bare ground. Mulches, whether mineral or vegetable, offer you a generous choice of materials and colors. Finally, remember to accessorize your planters through small decorative objects: a healthy glow effect guaranteed!

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Choose the height! In summer, the flowers rise to the sky to seek the sunlight. Some plants have the same aspiration all year round. This is the case with many grasses and succulents. Introduce high-bearing plants into your compositions, and your morale by looking at them will rise at the same time as they!

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Choose the contrasts of materials! Through the leaves, play with materials and contrasts. Here, a lush conifer in bluish hues echoes a bouquet of grasses in warm tones.

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Choose the shape! The succulents are a real source of wonder thanks to the geometry of their shoots. Do not limit yourself to "wise" varieties and dare the most amazing forms!

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Do not leave the soil of your planters bare, on the contrary, dress them with small covering plants which will protect the soil, bring a touch of color and also, if they are drooping, will balance your compositions by dressing your pots.

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Also think of aromatics, some of which look great in the cold season. This is the case with sage with velvety leaves of a pretty bluish gray. Another tip: keep the stems of plants that have flowered in summer; even dry and once their colors are past, they retain a decorative interest by their silhouette.

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Hundreds, even thousands, of small orange-yellow flowers clinging to a plant whose general appearance evokes a pretty blaze of wood. We are in the presence of a heather with a bold color whose cheerfulness warms the eyes and the heart!

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Like pansies, heather is available in many colors. For interesting effects of colors and shapes, marry these two plants in your pots: the heather will bring height and dynamics thanks to their ruffled appearance while the thoughts will dress the ground by covering it with their round flowers and generous.

Beautiful planters in winter

J-F. Mahé Pansies figure, along with heather, among the queen plants of winter. Neither the cold nor even the snow stops them. They exist in so many colors and dimensions that it is impossible to list them all. Install them everywhere, not only in planters, but also in your beds to be permanently surrounded by their colorful figures. Another tip to energize your compositions: add decorative accessories. Good-looking effect guaranteed!


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