Our sofas and sofas like velvet!

Our sofas and sofas like velvet!

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Winter has given us a lesson in tenderness, and we are not ready to let it slip away! This is what the velvet trend claims to us, profiling itself more than ever in the living room, in the same place where our cocooning habits were born. Armchairs, sofas and couches have never had such a soft skin, and we give it back!


Blanc d'Ivoire This velvet sofa has it all. Its slightly wavy back gives it an air of prestige, its black color is drawn with chic on the emerald green moldings of the wall and its intense softness is felt from a distance. Who says better ?


La Redoute Becoming the guest star of our own interior is the gamble won by this glamorous red couch! We are not asked to lend ourselves to the game!


La Redoute Intensely retro, a bit sunny, as soft as possible, this velvet armchair uses its charm to encourage us to take a seat. A little reading session?


La Redoute Relaxed atmosphere and a touch of retro for this sofa that dares to wear corduroy!


AM.PM Noir de noir for this sofa whose comfortable look is a direct result of its deep seat and its velvet covering.

Great century

La Redoute Its grand century style, this 2-seater sofa owes it to its elegant border molded in wood, complemented by a soft chocolate-colored seat.

Brown palette

La Redoute Posture sophisticated for this sofa where you already dream of lying down. Another major advantage: its all-purpose brown color!


La Redoute This is what we dream of curling up in: a plum velvet armchair, deliciously enveloping.


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