Spring / Summer 2013: the art of living seen by Roche Bobois

Spring / Summer 2013: the art of living seen by Roche Bobois

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For its spring / summer 2013 collection, Roche Bobois presents a collection between naturalness and sophistication, between well-being and know-how to reinvent the art of living by breaking the codes without neglecting comfort. We invite you to discover the brand's latest creations, mainly dominated by designer Cédric Ragot.


Michel Gibert For this new collection, Roche Bobois furniture becomes useful jewelry while being precious without being ostentatious. They are then adorned with beautiful bronze, silver, emerald or sapphire reflections to return to prime luxury. The design of Cédric Ragot and Fabrice Berrux is not lacking in audacity!


Michel Gibert / Roche Bobois Roche Bobois pays particular attention to the sofa, considering it as a real totem object. Truly at the heart of the house, it takes on beautiful dimensions and offers infinite variations according to needs and desires. It is made to measure in ultra-designer and comfortable lines, a true object of well-being.


Michel Gibert And so that the Roche Bobois sofa does not feel alone, the designers imagine a whole collection of furniture that will integrate perfectly into your living room while offering it its originality like those tables and sideboards whose legs are found in the furniture trays.


Michel Gibert At Roche Bobois, furniture with designer lines also contains surprises in terms of colors. Thus, sofas, furniture and accessories such as rugs take on bold and original colors.


Michel Gibert The brand does not forget the conversation vocation of the show and therefore relies on models with generous and friendly lines to make the show a real place of exchange.


Michel Gibert And in the living room, the design is not fixed thanks to a collection of modular sofas which allows to change the configuration according to the needs and desires of the family. The whole is accompanied by colors and patterns which will be of the most beautiful effect to make the living room the centerpiece.

Night side

Michel Gibert In the bedroom, the bed also responds to the sofa, using the same ranges and dressing in fabric with harmonious colors and patterns. The originality of the bed comes from the cushions which act as headboards and have a unique configuration.

New classics

Michel Gibert Roche Bobois does not hesitate to invent new classics by dusting the design of the sofas. The backrest is low or high depending on the mood and the classic stripes are modernized with trendy colors for a mixture that awakens the decor of the living room.

Sacha Lakic Fusion Collection

Michel Gibert Roche Bobois explores the paths of an eclectic creation and proposes a collection signed Sacha Lakic, designer linked to the industrial universe. He thus offers a collection where the codes of the loft and the factory merge for furniture that has already become classics of urban interiors.


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