Small spaces: narrow furniture comes into play

Small spaces: narrow furniture comes into play

To make up for the lack of space in many apartments, decoration brands are increasingly offering narrow furniture that allows the rooms to be decluttered while retaining a certain comfort. Discover this new generation furniture in pictures.

A narrow table that serves as a work plan

Paragraph You do not have the place to install a table for meals? Instead, opt for a fairly narrow hybrid piece of furniture that will serve as a kitchen worktop, a counter for entertaining friends, and a table for dining.

A narrow wardrobe in the entrance

Castorama If you have little space, you will have to use all the spaces in the house. Consider, for example, installing a wardrobe in the entrance to gain storage space. But so that it does not clutter the space, choose a narrow model.

A tablet as a desk

Castorama Rather than opting for a bulky desk, we simply equip ourselves with a shelf to be fixed to the wall. Do not hesitate to install it under windows in order to optimize an often unused space. You will also benefit from a good light to work.

Storage adapted to its content

Ikea If you want to store a few CDs and magazines, it will be useless to offer you a bulky piece of furniture. Rather prefer a model that adapts to what you want to store like this narrow piece of furniture that can perfectly accommodate your objects without taking up too much space in the living room.

A narrow shelf

Ikea Libraries are often very beautiful, but they also take up space! So if you lack space, prefer a narrow shelf that can accommodate your works without amputating the surface of your living room.

A narrow table

Ikea If you need a dining table, it doesn't take up too much space during the day! Then bet on a retractable model that will be narrow during the day and will regain a comfortable size during meals.

A narrow shelf for narrow rooms

Ikea If your room is narrow, you should also use narrow furniture to optimize it. In this very small bathroom, neither the sink nor the storage space is cut off thanks to ultra small models which are practical for small spaces.

A piece of furniture in length

Ikea To gain storage space without taking up space, prefer a long and narrow piece of furniture to one that is too bulky. It will use the wall surface while providing good circulation in your rooms.

A narrow and tall piece of furniture

Ikea Similarly, to make up for the narrowness of your space-saving furniture, do not hesitate to play on the height in order to offer you a storage space that uses the height under the ceiling thanks to stackable modules.

Storage cupboards around the bed

Ikéa You don't have room to install a wardrobe in your bedroom? Do not panic and bet on these storage cupboards that pose around the bed without encroaching on the rest of the room.

A stool that you attach to the wall

Ikea To save space in a small bathroom, we choose modular furniture like this stool which folds up and is fixed to the wall when it is no longer needed.

A small piece of furniture for the entrance

Maisons du Monde Small entry often rhymes with small space. To still have a practical storage unit, we put on this white column with a flea market look and equipped with two decorative wicker baskets.

A board and two legs as a desk

Leroy Merlin Arranging a room in the attic can sometimes require using tips to optimize the space. This board fixed to the wall and placed on two feet becomes in the blink of an eye a very practical small desk.

A small coffee table in a living room-office

Ikéa When you choose to install a large desk in the living room, the whole organization is to be reviewed. So we opt for a smaller coffee table so as not to overload the decor but still practical with a small tablet.

A narrow cabinet for storing shoes

Leroy Merlin The entrance is often a small space in which it is difficult to slide storage furniture. So we take advantage of the size of this small shoe cabinet that sneaks everywhere and we put above a shelf to store the phone or store the keys.

A tablet for meals

Leroy Merlin Arranging a kitchen area in a studio can be a real mission impossible. Our tip to sit down at mealtime anyway: this tablet installed under the window which does not take up space at all!

A trolley on wheels for the kitchen

Ikéa Here is a very practical tip to reuse in your small kitchen: choose a trolley with narrow wheels. So you can drag it wherever you want when you want or need it.

A retractable coat rack

Leroy Merlin In a small hallway or in a dressing room, you definitely opt for this retractable coat rack which you close when not in use.

A 3 in 1 bathroom cabinet

Leroy Merlin The smallest room in the house also deserves to have narrow but practical furniture at its disposal. We love this wall cabinet with a toilet paper dispenser, a storage space and a shelf for storing some things.