Un Amour de Tapis: the new collection in pictures

Un Amour de Tapis: the new collection in pictures

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Always looking for comfort, our floors are racing for the new collection signed "Un Amour de Tapis". Poetic, geometric, design or arty: all desires are represented!


A love of hard carpet hard to resist this ultra design carpet whose patterns of beehives multiplied by tens seem to mesmerize us…


A Carpet Love The sweetness embodied with this gray carpet with black and white retro patterns sown here and there as if it were a life-size drawing.


A love of sea rugs in sight! The carpet is drawn with red and black waves with 3D effect. The rendering is extremely sophisticated, dark and nothing glamorous.


A Carpet Love We rediscover our love for the red color on the ground with a delicate carpet on which plant prints have gently bloomed.


A Love of Carpets Patterns and patterns of hexagonal shapes dress this arty carpet in natural colors, between beige, brown and off-white.


A Carpet Love Favorite for this black, gray carpet and a blue coat. Its strong point: playing with geometric prints galore to create the optical illusion and make the head spin!


A Love of Carpets Dapper orange patterns in the shape of revisited stars have set themselves the goal of boosting the surface of this carpet on a red background. Won!