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A geometric and ultra design house in Bangkok

A geometric and ultra design house in Bangkok

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From the outside, the Baan Moom project of the architectural firm Integrated Field almost looks like a cube in which it is difficult to plan a spacious, bright and comfortable home. Yet this house located in Bangkok has been entirely thought out to offer incredible volumes and a large opening to the outside. Visit of an atypical designer jewel.

An almost entirely open house

Wison Tungthunya & IF Because the owners love nature, the architects thought of the house as a large open space that looks out onto the outside. The volumes of the rooms thus having only a few partitions, the feeling of space is immense and gives rise to exceptional volumes. The open kitchen opens onto a huge circulation space connected to the terrace. An equally practical aspect for outdoor dining.

A space built upstairs

Wison Tungthunya & IF The different functional spaces of the house have been compiled in three levels which each offer a different degree of privacy. Thus, the ground floor mainly accommodates the so-called living rooms and upstairs the private rooms. All connected by huge circulation spaces articulated by a sculptural staircase, the heart of the house.

Light as a central element

Wison Tungthunya & IF A house designed with an opening onto nature is above all the highlighting of natural light. For this, the house was built in the south-eastern part of the land to maximize its exposure and offers a flat roof with a central skylight that hinges the staircase and distributes indirect light in all rooms.

Spacious and refined rooms

Wison Tungthunya & IF The apparent geometry of the architectural lines continues in the intimate rooms of the house. The rooms thus offer furniture integrated into the walls with niches but also storage space and even a bed which is an integral part of the room to reinforce the refined spirit while gaining in practicality and space. In terms of materials, pure white, which provides light, combines with wood for a warmer effect.

Defined spaces

Wison Tungthunya & IF It is not because most of the rooms are open that the spaces are not perfectly defined. In the master bedroom, for example, the bedroom takes over a recessed room, the bathroom is delimited by a glass wall and the living room is installed in a recess. Result: a structured place without denying the feeling of space.

A stacked space

Wison Tungthunya & IF Like the house designed like a cube, this room plays the card of daring design by investing two levels while playing on transparency. The office area is thus visually connected to the upper level by a glazed floor and a suspended relaxation area. Or when the room is experienced.

Bright bathrooms

Wison Tungthunya & IF To meet the particular climate of Bangkok, the bathrooms of the house have been placed in such a way as to obtain an exposure to the south, which allows the rest of the house to be exposed to less and the bathroom to be sanitized by the sun. A tip to adopt in the south of France for example.

Half-interior, half-exterior spaces

Wison Tungthunya & IF Because the house is primarily designed to take advantage of the garden space, certain corners of the house literally open to the outside thanks to huge picture windows which disappear to offer a shaded terrace.

A house rising to the sky

Wison Tungthunya & IF And so that the opening to the outside is the most complete, the triangular staircase which hinges the house leads to the roof terrace which offers a real sunbathing to the inhabitants of this atypical house.