10 colors you will find in this spring's garden

10 colors you will find in this spring's garden

Each spring, colors bloom in the garden to respond to the flowers that bloom and bring good humor in the outdoor spaces. To give you a taste of sunny days, we invite you to discover the colors that will settle in the garden this spring!

Bright red

Who is Paul? To wake up the garden in the blink of an eye, nothing beats red! We choose a plastic deckchair with ultra design lines that red will further energize for a modern and daring garden.

Deep green

Ikea To echo nature, why not choose green furniture that will play chameleons in the garden. We can still choose a slightly more intense shade to bring out the furniture. On the line side, bet on rounded lines that are reminiscent of nature.

Tart green

Proloisirs If you want a more original green, you can turn to a tangy, almost lemon shade that will stand out as much on your terrace as in a green space. This color will go perfectly with other bright colors.

Dynamic fuchsia

Castorama For a dynamic and joyful terrace or garden, fuchsia is the star color! Particularly bright when the sun is shining it warms the atmosphere and brightens it up in the blink of an eye. We put as much on furniture as decorative accessories like flower pots. The good news is that we can match it with neon colors.

Warm orange

Goicoechea In the same vein as fuchsia, orange is a very decorative color for summer! Warmer and less distinct than red, it goes well with pink for a color block effect ideal for summer! In furniture or as an accessory, we adopt it with our eyes closed.

Vitamin yellow

Ikea After fuchsia and orange, only yellow was missing to create a vitamin garden. Color of the sun, yellow naturally finds its place in gardens to offer them a sunny spirit. You can choose a warm yellow or opt for a more acidulous tone that will awaken the garden even more.

Romantic purple

Fermob For a rustic and romantic atmosphere, we put aside pink to give ourselves a softer and elegant purple that will bring a modern and feminine touch to the garden.

Trendy gray

Fermob And it's not just the bright colors that can settle in the garden! On the contrary, the trendy gray found in the house also invests in the garden! It then takes on a slightly lighter shade to switch to summer mode and offer a retro chewable style.

Natural beige

Castorama Finally, to stay in touch with natural colors even outside, you will find furniture in warm beige or very very light brown which will bring a zen and pleasant atmosphere in the garden.