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DIY decor: seamless sewing tutorials

DIY decor: seamless sewing tutorials

Your good old sewing machine and broken down? Never mind ! Take advantage of this temporary inconvenience to start making one of these ten DIY tutorials special sewing seamless. Quick to make and accessible to those just starting out, they are really good! So ready for the challenge?

A canvas cutlery holder

I heart naptime To avoid dirtying the tablecloth when it comes time to eat, we opt for this pretty, very natural cutlery stand. Cut a piece of burlap. Print, cut and place the stencil on your canvas and make, using paint, your chevron patterns. Then fold the bottom edges and fix them with glue. And finally, wrap and glue a piece of string around your cutlery holder. You will have taken care to slide a label with the name of your guest beforehand. More info on this DIY: I heart naptime

A tent for children

Momma Society Do you want to create an exceptional tent in which your children will enjoy dreaming of elsewhere and distant horizons? Head to the Momma Society blog which explains in pictures how to make a seamless pattern using outdoor fabric and wooden sticks. Your kids will love it! More info on this DIY: Momma Society

A graphic banner

Kellie Winnell Want to customize your sober and impersonal banner without going through the couture box? Nothing's easier ! With your geometric heart-shaped template, cut orange and fuchsia triangles from your pieces of felt. Then place the template on your banner and in each empty space place an adhesive Velcro patch. Do not forget also to put some on each of the triangles previously cut. Then you just have to fix them together. And that's the job! More info on this DIY: Kellie Winnell and for more details: Dunne with style

A festive garland

The DIY mommy You don't have to look far to make an original and festive garland. To do this, simply cut out scraps of tissue using scissors to make circles, glue their contours, place them on a piece of string and fold their edges. Easy as pie ! More info on this DIY: The DIY mommy

A floral cushion cover

346 living Do you dream of making a cushion cover but you are not very worn on the sewing machine? The solution: go to the 346 living blog! This one indeed offers you to discover how to make a pretty cover, without thread, without needle and without sewing machine. Pretty cool right? More info on this DIY: 346 living

A distributor of plastic bags

Scrappy Geek No more plastic bags left abandoned in our kitchen drawers with this tutorial as practical as it is decorative. First step: cut the shape of a square from the fabric of your choice. Fold and glue the top and bottom edges of your future fabric dispenser using glue. Do not forget, beforehand, to cut a small square at the two lower ends of your fold. This will help you later to place your elastic band. Once the contours are dry, fold and glue your fabric again so as to form a tube then place your elastic band. Using tape and glue, finally fix your handle. More info on this DIY: Scrappy Geek

Spring fabric panels

Bella Dia Wrap a core of resistant foam with a piece of fabric of your choice, fix the edges with double adhesive tape and you will have in no time a wall panel as aesthetic as it is decorative. Or how to renew your decoration quickly and at a lower cost! More info on this DIY: Bella Dia

A graphic floor mat

East Coast Creative On the same principle, you can make a nice personalized rug. The only difference: you will swap the foam core for a rubber mat that you have taken care to cut to the size of your choice and replace the adhesive tape with spray glue. More info on this DIY: I am momma hear me roar

A vitamin storage basket

My house and home We finish our selection with this pretty handmade storage basket. Waterproof canvas, a pair of scissors, a stapler and tape will be required if you decide to take the plunge. More info on this DIY: My house and home

A pouffe on casters

Inmyownstyle Forget the hard chairs and stools and let yourself be guided by this tutorial! It will help you make a nice beanbag. For this you will need a few staples, a little adhesive tape, fabric, nails and voila! Go to the Inmyownstyle blog to follow all the steps of this DIY and create a padded and comfortable decorative ottoman! Source: Inmyownstyle

A storage box

Positivelysplendid Do you need a place to store all your little trinkets and other accessories? This tutorial is made for you! The idea? Make storage boxes to hide all the gadgets that can hang on your desk. Most ? These boxes are infinitely customizable! Let yourself be tempted and let your imagination run wild. Source: Positivelysplendid

Laundry curtains

Thehappyhousie A laundry room is practical but not always aesthetic. Here is a tutorial that will show you how to cover your washing machine and your dryer with a simple curtain and an adhesive tape! Go to Thehappyhousie blog Source: Thehappyhousie

A graphic lampshade

Shelterness Set aside your sewing machine and dice to make room for a pair of scissors and a fabric hardener. Simple, fast and efficient, you will be able to make a decorative lampshade in a jiffy! No more spending a fortune in stores, create your own interior design. Source: Shelterness

A fairytale bed crown

Pinkwhen Do you want to offer your daughter a magnificent princess bedroom with a beautiful bed crown? This is possible thanks to the DIY tutorial from Pinkwhen which explains how to make this accessory. It is the essential element for a little girl's room. You will make a happy one be sure. Source: Pinkwhen

Apple green curtains

Floridaysmom And for boys? Nothing prettier than green curtains for a little man's room. Always seamless, bring an adhesive tape, an iron, a curtain rod to beautify the bedroom windows of your cherub. Visit the Floridaysmom blog for an image tutorial. Source: Floridaysmom

New look for a new life

Pineapple Are you tired of your old, washed-out cushions? Do not throw them away, it is possible to give them a second life thanks to the Ananasa tutorial. It's simple: take a fabric you like and cover your cushion with, like gift wrap. You had to think about it! Source: Pineapple

Embellish a cushion

Fiskars Customize your cushion without necessarily having to use a sewing machine, it is doable. To create a pillow in summer colors, you just need to cut a wool felt into several pieces of circles of different sizes, fold two sides of each circle towards the center with a hot glue gun to make them into petals, draw a circle in the center of your cushion and finally glue the flower petals until the circle is completely covered. It's simple as hello ! Source: Fiskars

Decorative blinds

Finditmakeitloveit The blinds are good and practical, but not very decorative. The idea is to transform your blinds into new curtains. The editorial team invites you to follow the tutorial from Finditmakeitloveit in pictures about this new store makeover design! Source: Finditmakeitloveit

Color and belt

Brit Colorful storage boxes with belts as a strap is what you can discover in Brit's new tutorial. Small, medium, or large, you can move your boxes easily. A practical decoration tip for storing books, newspapers, socks and accessories of all kinds. Source: Brit