Solutions for hanging up your laundry

Solutions for hanging up your laundry

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Whether in the bathroom, in the laundry room or in the garden, hanging out your laundry can be a real headache if you don't have the right accessories. Here are five practical solutions for hanging out your laundry.

A wall dryer

Ikea ### If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room, then the place to dry the laundry is all found! You can either install a standing dryer or invest the wall with a wall dryer which will save you space.

A dryer on the bathtub

La Redoute ### To dry clothes in the bathroom, think of the dryers that are installed on the bathtub! Very practical, they fold to slip into a cupboard when you are not using it. And if the laundry is badly spun, the drops of water will not fall on the floor.

A designer dryer

Casamania ### Who said that drying clothes cannot be decorative? Thanks to Casamania your dryer will be design! Indeed, the stakes that hold the clotheslines take the form of two trees for a natural effect.

The traditional umbrella

Leifheit ### Finally, to hang as much laundry as possible, think of the traditional umbrella-style clothes horse. It opens and closes like an umbrella to provide a large area of ​​clothesline.


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