Summer will be pop and colorful with & k Amsterdam

Summer will be pop and colorful with & k Amsterdam

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& Klevering Amsterdam designs and produces accessories for our interiors. The Dutch brand offers for this summer very beautiful colorful objects that will revive your decoration in a very original setting. Summer will be pop or won't be with & Klevering Amsterdam! Presentation.

Everything for a successful summer

& Klevering Amsterdam Fruits and pop colors invade our decoration with this pineapple lamp and these funny decorative blue bananas.

The 70s of modern times

& Klevering Amsterdam & Klevering Amsterdam brings up to date colors and prints from the 70s and revisits in particular the steel storage compartments.

Tropical jungle

& Klevering Amsterdam The tropical print is definitely one of the trends for this summer. At & Klevering, it is found both on the cushions and on the dishes.

Classic porcelain

& Klevering Amsterdam It is timeless. Porcelain painted with blue designs crosses the ages and remains in our interiors, despite the changing trends.

The monkey as guardian of your savings

& Klevering Amsterdam Between cacti and printed with dots hides a pretty polyresin monkey, pretty piggy bank guarding our little savings and decorative element.

& Klevering does not forget winter

& Klevering Amsterdam Finally a brand that accepts that reindeer do not disappear during the summer. Usually only used in Christmas decorations, they interfere in the summer collection of the Dutch brand.

All glass

& Klevering Amsterdam Vases, bells and glass vials are adorned with pretty colors to brighten up our summer.

White, gold and marble

& Klevering Amsterdam & Klevering Amsterdam dresses its new collection with a luxurious touch with these vases and decorative elements in gold, pink brass or marble. An ultra decorative atmosphere, for an "Antique Art Deco" setting.

Pop but soft

& Klevering Amsterdam A successful challenge for the Dutch brand: make pop decor with pastel colors. The perfect example? This pretty little pink pig.


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