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Latest chic: the white sofa!

Latest chic: the white sofa!

Long accused of being too messy, the white sofa is today the latest trend that invests interiors! The good news is that it adapts to all styles and can therefore find its place at home! Demonstration in 10 images!

White sofa and exotic style

Maisons du monde In an interior with exotic furniture and bright colors inspired by India, the white sofa will be a breath of fresh air. We play the offset card by opting for an English Chesterfield model that we revisit precisely with white to integrate it into its colorful decor.

White sofa and pop style

Ikea No need to opt for a profusion of color in a pop style interior! To moderate your decor, you will opt for a white background (including your sofa) and you will distill touches of very bright colors and a curtain like a work of art. The room will then be pleasant and will allow you to use strong pieces.

White sofa and cocooning style

Ikea If you want a cocooning interior, white is your ally! More than on the sofa, you can opt for a total look with a profusion of white textiles like carpets and curtains. The spirit of the piece will then be very soothing.

White sofa and ethnic style

Ikea In a room of ethnic style, the white sofa will offer a breath to the profusion of warm colors and very present patterns. You will place your white sofa on oriental rugs and you will have ethnic patterned cushions on the sofa.

White sofa and romantic style

Ikea For a charming interior, the white sofa is a very good base! We can then accessorize it as desired with charged patterned fabrics like flowers for example, as much on cushions and throws as on curtains.

White sofa and seaside style

La Redoute The white sofa is a must in the seaside style which precisely combines white elements with others in different shades of blue. For a refreshing atmosphere, you will use white as the dominant color and, for example, have a blue cushion on your white sofa.

White sofa and flea market style

La Redoute If you are used to antiquing objects in flea markets, your interior is perhaps quite motley. The good news is that the white sofa will adapt as well to the exotic table you have just bought as to the industrial cabinets that you have already hunted.

White sofa and design style

Fly For your interior design, the white sofa will not fail to bring its sense of purity! We choose it simple and geometric in a beautiful material like leather to meet the different materials that settle in the rest of the room.

White sofa and contemporary style

Fly Finally, if your living room is contemporary and in tune with the times, the white sofa offers a pure and soothing look to your living room. You can accessorize it with many colors and it will be an excellent base for all those who like to change the decor very often.