Declaration of love on the walls

Declaration of love on the walls

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If Valentine's Day is approaching, it's not only in the restaurant that the atmosphere will be romantic! In our interiors, the walls lend themselves to play. Permanent or ephemeral version, they sing a beautiful tribute to love passion…

Beating heart

Ikéa Cut out of canson, a giant heart takes place on the wall, above the marital bed, for D-Day of Valentine's Day, or even longer…

Little heart

Ikéa With 6 pieces of masking tape (or decorative adhesive), it's easy to draw a pretty ephemeral heart on the wall for D-Day!


Le Prédeau This stickers perfectly sums up the very purpose of our slideshow: the importance of continuing to believe in fairy tales, for the happy impact on our daily lives… and for the pleasure of celebrating February 14 until the end of the night, and the decor ...

Feelings of love

Le Prédeau Ludique, this sticker representing two madly loving birds will perhaps serve as a decorative nod to your Valentine's Day on February 14th!

Poetic romance

Le Prédeau The stanzas of romantic poetry, propelled on the wall with an adhesive: we say yes!

Sweet kiss

Elitis As a nod to the fiery love, this wallpaper multiplies the prints of red and sensual lips. We love passionately, madly!

Heart petals

Elitis Blooming on the wall, the petals of this wallpaper form subtle hearts that are as arty as they are romantic.

Bouquet of flowers

Elitis It seems that a bouquet of flowers was offered for the wall decoration. A classic you never tire of.

Love letter

The Collection How can you resist this handwritten letter-style wallpaper actually hiding a love letter? Because if it is increasingly rare to receive a few sweet words written by freehand, the pleasure of reading them is all the more intense!


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