Choose the cushions to accessorize the sofa

Choose the cushions to accessorize the sofa

Shiny cushions


In a chic and modern interior, nothing like cushions with shiny or glittery finishes. To avoid sinking into the bling-bling style, prefer dark or light color models and minimalist patterns.

Cushions in the color of the sofa


If, when purchasing your sofa, it can be combined with cushions of the same color, do not hesitate. There will always be time to change them if you get tired of the color when it will be difficult to find models in the same color once the products are no longer available for sale.

Colorful cushions


This living room is warm thanks to the red sofa and the cushions which support the cozy side of the space a little more. A word of advice: on a colored sofa, avoid overly colorful accessories and prefer a dominant of light shade.

A round cushion


It is not the kind of cushion that we are used to seeing on a sofa, but it does have its small effect. Generally reserved for chairs, it gives a graphic style to the living room.

Tonal cushions


On a corner sofa or a large sofa, which generally accommodates several people, having cushions of the same model makes it possible to have a monochrome space and less messy, especially when there is passage in your living room!

Flower cushions


Notice to lovers of floral patterns! The trend is back and it has already invaded the cushions at Ikea. Used sparingly, they bring a girly touch to a reading corner or your sofa.

Fabric cushions


In an immaculate living room - with furniture, carpet and white sofa - several cushions in warm colors will wake up the room. Choose them of the same size and in rather similar colors so as not to create too strong a contrast.

Cushions that smell good on vacation


Direction Bollywood! With this set of colorful and shimmering cushions, your sofa will have the right to a second youth. We love the length models and their ethnic patterns that make us travel without leaving our sofa.

An unusual cushion

Of the House

Patterned cushions are popular. But, to not have the same as your neighbor, favor the original models with animal motifs or signed by small designers for example, like this cushion on which is drawn a bicycle with one wheel.

Graphic cushions


What could be better than a colorful cushion to bring out a sofa? In addition to color, this graphic and slightly retro model goes very well with all interior styles.

Black and white cushions

This two-tone color is a sure value in decoration. On a leather or colored fabric sofa, it is timeless and gives a Scandinavian style to the room. Choose cushions that are whiter than black to avoid darkening the space.

Neutral cushions


On this bench, the owners preferred gray cushions, which do not particularly bring out the seat but which gives a feeling of serenity to the room. Add some green plants and wooden furniture to support the Zen atmosphere of a living room like this.

Personalized cushions


Apart from the cushions sold in decoration brands, there are several shops that offer to create your own cushion. You can thus paste the photo of your darling or a drawing of your children and get a unique model!

Girly cushions

In a boudoir-style room or in a fairly feminine living room, cushions in pink tones and / or with girly patterns are essential, like models with stars and butterflies.

Vichy cushions


Very fashionable in the 1960s - notably thanks to Brigitte Bardot - the Vichy fabric has not aged a bit! Today, it comes in colorful checkered cushions and awakens a dull sofa.

Cushions brought back from travel


These cushions seem straight from distant countries thanks to their shimmering colors and their soft fabric. Combined with a carpet, Japanese furniture and an ethnic blanket, they create a space cut off from the world, conducive to relaxation and imagination.

(Fake) fur cushions


(Fake) fur is fashionable, especially in the living room, because it gives volume to the room and warms the sofa. As for the cushions, it offers you a comfortable backrest, especially when winter is coming to an end.

Pillows in the shape of pillows


We swear pillows, and yet they are cushions! With their XXL dimensions and their softness, they are to be preferred on a sofa located in front of a television or in a reading corner to bring you optimal comfort.

Elegant cushions


In a fairly chic and refined interior, and in particular on a leather sofa, the cushions can quickly turn to lack of taste if they are not chosen correctly. Here, these small cushions with discreet patterns blend perfectly into the decor, bringing a little touch of fantasy.

Urban cushions


In a contemporary living room, decorative accessories play it "urban chic" with messages in English, graphic typographies and views of New York. The proof with these cushions in gray and purple tones, which instantly modernize the sofa.

Striped cushions


Stripes are part of the timeless patterns but are brought up to date with pop colors and fluffy materials. Do not hesitate to put several on a leather sofa for example.

Cushions to create contrast

If you do not want to have identical cushions but you want to be faithful to the style of your sofa, an alternative is to put two cushions of the same color as your sofa and two others lighter (or darker) to create a nice contrast well dosed.

Shades of cushions


The cushions are real decorative accessories but above all they must be comfortable. In order to be able to use them as a file, to sit and warm up in front of the TV, choose models in soft shades!

Velvet cushions

KSL Living

To enhance the slightly cold look of a white leather sofa, opt for velvet cushions, whose texture will immediately bring warmth to a living room.

Ethnic cushions


To accessorize the sofa, ethnic cushions have been on trend for several years. They make us travel and remind us of memories of holidays.

Colorful cushions


Dare the colorful cushions with varied patterns on an outdoor sofa or garden furniture. Indoors too, they will add pep to a somewhat classic living room, but they can be a bit risky.

Gradient cushions


In this living room, the cushions are all in gray-blue-green tones. This pretty gradient allows true visual harmony throughout the room and a Zen spirit conducive to reading and relaxing. We would do a little nap!

Pastel cushions


Girly and Scandinavian atmosphere on this convertible sofa. Thanks to pastel pink cushions, this space is ideal for a moment of relaxation since the room tones are soothing and in no way visually aggressive.

Pop cushions


Finally, pop and playful cushions invade the house to bring a breeze of good humor in every corner of your interior. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures by opting for various shapes, colors and patterns.