Easter 2016: the most beautiful chocolate creations

Easter 2016: the most beautiful chocolate creations

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The egg hunt is coming ... get ready! Like every year, the master chocolatiers compete in creativity and talent to surprise us with chocolate creations. More than just treats, they are real technical feats that they offer us to taste. Here are the ten most beautiful chocolate creations that will shake our taste buds for Easter 2016.

Easter in the far west

Le Nôtre Head to America and the westerns at Le Nôtre who dresses his eggs in Indian costumes, imagines a red hen that sits on a giant cactus and creates teepees that can be tasted! Easter will be celebrated in the Wild West this year.

Graphic chocolate petals

Patrick Roger This year again, Patrick Roger sublimates Easter chocolates by creating a collection of petals, graphics and elegant. A tribute to spring, these gourmet flowers contain a delicious frying that all chocolate lovers will be happy to taste. From 45 €.

The whole world is a cactus!

Yves Thuriès Yves Thuriès takes us to Mexico so that the Easter holidays are spicy. The Bourricot, the Mexican and the Mouse bring out the flavors alongside the Cactus, our favorite, made in white chocolate and macaroons. It is guaranteed without thorns! * Yves Thuriès Easter chocolate: € 39.90 each. *

Fashion Shock

Fauchon As usual, Maison Fauchon places Easter under the sign of elegance. This year, it's Fashion Choc for chocolates. A tangram, to create its own chocolate subjects, is adorned with houndstooth patterns and plays with shades of brown. A very chic and original puzzle. The dessert * Carremenfashionchoc * revives the famous * Carremenchoc * in a milky version, special Easter and special fashion. * 190g tangram: € 30 *

A family resemblance

La Maison du Chocolat It's almost spring and the daisies are going out for the occasion. For the Maison du Chocolat, Nicolas Cloiseau invents a family album made of chocolate, in which wildflowers and ladybugs strut happily in the garden. We love ! * The daisy family: from € 34 per piece of 150g *

All in the water

Christophe Roussel Christophe Roussel's casserole dish paddles at La Baule after trying surfing last year. A colorful universe populated by funny animals that we have fun discovering Christophe Roussel for Easter. * Paddle in La Baule: 34 € *

Colorful characters

These are funny characters who will hide in the garden this year thanks to the talents of Vincent Guerlais. Humor is essential and it is a childlike universe, mastered to perfection, that he offers us to taste. Pirate parrot, fairy frog or crazy hen, what will be your favorite creation? * Animal eggs: € 22 *

All at sea!

L'Atelier du Chocolat Easter is also celebrated at the sea with the collection of colorful fish imagined by L'Atelier du Chocolat. Sardines, boats and fish are invented in dark or milk chocolate. * Fish: € 13.90 *

The art of chocolate

To finish in beauty, here is the collection of Pierre Hermé, who was inspired by the world of art to imagine creations, as beautiful as delicious. A rabbit, inspired by the sculptor François Pompon, displays slender lines, made in dark chocolate from the Paineiras plantation, in Brazil. As for the eggs, they are embossed, graphic or colored. Real works of art to eat. * Little Rabbit: 41 €, Black claw egg: 45 €, Pebble egg: 95 € *