Multiple style laundry

Multiple style laundry

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The purely practical function of the laundry room makes it a room where one rarely expresses a decorative style. However, thanks to the dominant colors, the flagship accessories and the chosen storage space, it is easy to create a general atmosphere that resembles us. Soothing, colorful, playful, natural, refined, everyone can decide which one is best for them!


Leroy Merlin ### Large mix of pearl gray and white in this laundry room having limited storage exposed to everyone. Here, everything is impeccably arranged for a refined atmosphere to the maximum!


Leroy Merlin ### The woven rattan storage baskets and the wooden laundry baskets bring a little natural style into this pretty laundry room.


Leroy Merlin ### Thanks to a few "bubble" stickers stuck on the furniture, waking up the extra white in a playful setting is a breeze!


La Boutique du Rangement ### We love this laundry room whose seaside style is driven by the choice of blue and white striped storage.


Leroy Merlin ### Here, the washing machine and the dryer machine are superimposed one on the other in a cupboard for total discretion. A breath of sobriety in the decor!


Leroy Merlin ### Shelves on rack, small water point and cleaning products stored here and there: here we are in a traditional laundry room not trying to hide its primary function by any decorative choice!


Ikéa ### This is a laundry room that knows how to optimize its available space. Hanging in the air, clothes, wedged against the wall, storage.


Fly ### Green the laundry room? In any case, it went green to bring a bit of tangy freshness to the decor.

Sea side

Goal ### The braided storage and the blue paneling of this laundry room seem to make it travel offshore.


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