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All decorative styles dare black

All decorative styles dare black

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Long shunned in decoration, black is now at the heart of the trend. Elegant, characteristic, deep: all the reasons are good to adopt it. Moreover, the different styles of atmosphere are tearing it apart and appropriating it ...


Maisons du Monde ### In a room whose walls have been whitewashed in black, a white canopy bed topped with vaporous flower vases proves that romanticism can also be portrayed in black.


Fly ### The ethnic style, used to color, finds itself shaken by hyper graphic black and white triangles to which we can only succumb!


Paragraph ### Black in a child's room? No, it is not out of place! Especially when it comes to a slate wall on which the overflowing imagination of toddlers flows naturally ...


Goal ### The pop style offers a makeover by betting on white and black subtly sprinkled with a few splashes of color…


Fly ### The darkest non-color makes women look sweet. The key to its success? The choice of a padded headboard and pink and purple cushions awakening the whole.

Curiosity cabinet

Maisons du Monde ### Curiosity cabinet space in the living room. A large black bookcase on a black background on which are stored shells, stuffed birds and relics. We're a fan.


AM.PM ### The choice of linen materials offers this room the serenity necessary for long nights of sleep. On a black background, it displays a darkness conducive to rest anyway.


Linéart ### Winning combination of blond wood and black in the bathroom. Absolute chic and the perfect balance between natural and strong temperament.


Maisons du Monde ### To highlight the shimmering orange, yellow and red velvets of the sofa, daring to black is an original, but effective choice! Exoticism seen from another angle…


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