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10 stickers for your fridge

10 stickers for your fridge

In a kitchen, the refrigerator is often large and can quickly clutter the space. To give it color, personality and make it a real decorative object, there are a multitude of stickers. We have selected for you the most beautiful fun stickers to boost your fridge!

Repositionable stickers

Kitchen & Utensils You do not want to put a permanent sticker on your fridge? Opt for repositionable stickers, which you can change the location as you wish to personalize it according to your mood of the day. Your children will be delighted! Price: € 7.90 at Cuisine & Ustensiles

The geek fridge

Planet Nextgen If you are a true geek or a simple lover of retro games, you will certainly love this fridge with the appearance of Gameboy! The various self-adhesive parts are very easily positioned on the appliance door. Be careful however to place them straight.

For all epicureans!

Iinky If you are a bon vivant and have a good dose of self-deprecation, you should find what you are looking for on Etsy! Apply this funny vinyl sticker, handmade, on your fridge and you will make your guests smile every time. Price: 12 euros

Customize a colored fridge

Smeg / Design Stickers With a colorful refrigerator, you immediately give personality to a kitchen. But, in order not to tire of it and to break the monochrome side, you can affix a rather discreet sticker, like this model with cutlery, available in several colors. Price: 10 euros

Put red in the kitchen

Ten Stickers A colorful sticker, particularly red, will awaken a kitchen in stainless steel or fully painted in a slightly dark color. Choose a fun motif like this red monster or the famous Campbell's Soup can, designed by Andy Warhol. Price: around 50 euros each

Art behind the stove

Leroy Merlin For all comic book fans, this sticker is for you! It sticks over the entire length of the device (59.5 cm x 180 cm) for a modern look thanks to its black and white color. Price: 30 euros

Add color to your kitchen

Amazon Renovating your kitchen does not necessarily mean redoing everything in terms of layout and decoration. Sometimes it is enough to simply bring a little color to energize the space, as with this sticker representing pulses. Price: 30 euros at Amazon

A cuisine that invites you to travel

Amazon To get away from it all and get away from your everyday life, put your fridge in the colors of New York! Design and very contemporary, this sticker will go very well in a monochrome or colored room. Price: 32.46 euros at Amazon

Harmonize your appliances

Spoiler Some decals for refrigerators, like this model with macaroons, are available in formats specific to other household appliances such as the dishwasher. So you can match your whole room.