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The dressing room according to Kvik

The dressing room according to Kvik

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Low-cost design for our kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, this is the challenge that Kvik launched itself over 30 years ago. 2016 is no exception to the rule and the Danish brand is redoubling its efforts to offer beautiful and ingenious solutions for the wardrobe. Presentation.

Elegance and refinement

Kvik Being able to store all your small things in a wardrobe is not an easy task. To save as much space as possible, opt here, for very chic two-color sliding doors. * Hanging wardrobe with luxury combi doors: ** € 1,285 ***

Wood and aluminum

Kvik The De Luxe solution offers beautiful sliding doors in dark wood with an elegant and modern aluminum structure. * De Luxe sliding doors, ** 761 € ***

Doors that adapt to your desires

Kvik Smart sliding doors can be made to measure and thus adapt to each of your needs. * Smart sliding doors, ** € 377 ***

Storage as decoration

Kvik A dressing room can also be a design and decorative element. As in the picture, why not make a frame around your headboard? * Mano wardrobe, ** € 2,224 ***

Simple and practical

Kvik Ideal for a child's bedroom or an office, the Milk wardrobe is adorned with pretty black handles which bring a touch of design to the set * Penderie Milk, ** € 657 ***

The flexible layout system

Kvik The Kvik Ordine system allows flexible arrangement of your wardrobe. With it, you can create the wardrobe of your desires by adding baskets on rails, shoe racks or wooden crates. * Kvik Ordine, ** € 919 ***

A sliding mirror door

Kvik By combining black sliding doors and a panel covered with a mirror, Kvik gives elegance to a classic bedroom. * Smart sliding doors, ** € 772 ***

A simple and optimal wardrobe

Kvik In this room with a very simple decoration, the Veda wardrobe with its sober design and its pretty brushed steel handles are an ideal solution. * Veda wardrobe, ** € 1,028 ***

A real dressing room

Kvik Here we find the open wardrobes. This time they form a real dressing room and offer lots of storage space. * Dressing room, ** € 1,547 ***