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Bathroom: a vanity unit optimized for storage

Bathroom: a vanity unit optimized for storage

In the bathroom, the lack of storage space is a real problem! To respond to this, retailers now offer washbasin cabinets optimized for storage with numerous lockers and drawers. We invite you to discover 10 models that will allow you to multiply the potential storage of the room.

A double washbasin cabinet

Lapeyre To increase the storage capacity of the cabinet, this model opts for a double cabinet which thus accommodates two very large drawers but also a shelf part thanks to a slight offset from the second cabinet.

A multi-storey washbasin cabinet

Lapeyre Very design, this vanity unit conceals very deep storage shelves and of a good size so that you can store shampoo bottles without closing problems. We also appreciate the tablet which allows you to put some accessories.

A long vanity unit

Mobalpa To increase its storage capacity and offer three cupboards and three drawers, this piece of furniture stretches lengthwise to occupy almost the entire wall that houses the sink.

A countertop washbasin cabinet

Mobalpa Ultra practical, this washbasin cabinet has both large storage cupboards but also a work surface so that you can dispose of the products that you use the most and use the furniture as a dressing table. It is practical and decorative!

A shelving basin unit

Paragraph To accommodate counter top washbasins, you can use a shelving unit that will be entirely dedicated to the storage of products and towels. If you want to give an industrial style to your bathroom, this is the model for you.

A vanity unit with baskets

Alinéa To facilitate the storage of this very open basin unit like a shelf, you can opt for baskets which will be perfect for accommodating hand towels or beauty products.

A tall vanity unit

Alinéa To maximize storage, this vanity unit can be installed on the lower part of the wall as well as on the upper part. So you multiply the storage area while offering you a very decorative solution.

A cabinet with lockers

Paragraph To ensure that the entire washbasin is used for storage, this model places compartments under the washbasin which can accommodate household linen and products. For the decorative aspect, some are open and others welcome transparent or wooden doors.

A practical washbasin cabinet

Line Art This washbasin cabinet not only allows you to have some products on the sides of the washbasin but also has a nice storage surface with a large central cupboard and small side baskets for make-up and small products. Deco effect guaranteed!

A piece of furniture that extends

Mobalpa We love the practicality of this vanity unit made up of four large drawers. The only drawback: the two basins leave little room to leave everyday products in evidence. The solution is simple, we extend the furniture to install everything we need.

A piece of furniture with modular boxes

Sanijura We are under the spell of these modular blond wooden boxes, whether or not we slide them under the washbasin cabinet. Do you need a seat to spread your cream or apply your polish? You just have to move them around.

Two L-shaped furniture

Porcelanosa Beautiful find to connect these two washbasins than to install a practical extra drawer between them. Aesthetics, gain of storage, this bathroom has everything!

A piece of furniture with cupboards and drawers

Maisons du Monde To ensure sufficient storage to satisfy the entire household, we dare this large vanity unit that combines cupboards and a battery of drawers. Its little extra decoration: a raw wood appearance which gives a lot of charm to the bathroom.

A piece of furniture with two large drawers

Ikea You have a small bathroom, but you still want it to be supplied on the storage side? Opt for this vanity unit composed of two large drawers in which you can order beauty products and bath linen.

A piece of furniture with invisible drawers

Sanijura This large vanity unit is very practical for storing all things thanks to its long drawers. The most that we remember: its invisible drawers which give it a more refined style as we like.

A chiffonier style furniture

Maisons du Monde Practical this vanity unit that multiplies drawers like a chiffonier to create maximum storage. Thus, we drag a little everything that hangs around to make room in the room.

A piece of furniture with alcoves

Mobalpa This vanity unit is a real ally for storing everyone's belongings. The cupboards allow you to slide unattractive beauty products. As for the alcoves, they welcome the bath towels and display them as real decorative elements.

Tetris-style furniture

Porcelanosa Clever ranger is good, but clever and clever ranger is even better! We love this vanity unit composed of two elements that fit together like the pieces of the Tetris game.

A piece of furniture completed by a cupboard

Sanijura Favorite for this vanity unit composed of four drawers and two sinks to make life easier for the whole family on a daily basis. In addition, we add a long wall cupboard to hang the bath linen.