Breakfast: first decorative meal of the day

Breakfast: first decorative meal of the day

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It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it is also the first decorative meal of the day. To succeed, we no longer hesitate to take our time and put the small dishes in the big ones to start the day in a good mood. Discover simple little ideas for breakfast.

A lovely breakfast

Maisons du monde In a charming setting, you will have a refined breakfast. For this, we put on a beautiful teapot and assorted cups, a jug of milk and a tray of beautiful sweet treats.

A retro breakfast

Maisons du monde For a retro touch on the breakfast table, put on recovered or mottled dishes. One thinks for example of using old jars to present jam.

A gourmet breakfast

Goal For a convivial and gourmet moment, we put on bowls of different colors that everyone can choose. We then install the sweets on a beautiful white cake server very elegant to put water in the mouth of the guests.

A sleek breakfast

Purpose For a contemporary breakfast, we opt for refined dishes with mug shapes revisited, glass bottles that imitate plastic and simple plates in a trendy color.

A hearty breakfast

Ikea To bring warmth to your breakfast table, you can opt for a pretty striped tablecloth that will energize your space. You will then add a nice tea service whose pattern will take on a color of the tablecloth.

A sunny breakfast

Coucke By using textiles, you can really create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Then bet on a multiplication of different tablecloths and place mats in warm tones and dynamic patterns.

A vitamin breakfast

Feel and co To fill up on vitamins at breakfast, you opt for a sunny tablecloth color with orange for example. Play with small tiles to add another touch of dynamism.

Dinette breakfast

Ferm Living For a very decorative breakfast we are inspired by the dinette by multiplying the small containers. You can for example use small plates to place the different foods.

A full breakfast

Jean Vier Finally, to present your breakfast, you can simply place a nice tablecloth and install everything in a large basket so that everyone can find what they are looking for. All you have to do is sit down!